Iraq Death toll 800,000

by Mr. Polidico on April 25, 2007

Death is scary. Watching your best friend get his head blown off while he sits next to you in your HumV has got to be life altering like no other.

I’ve never been there myself, but I was in the military and I have seen first hand what that can do to a person. Many of my good friends have told me stories and you can just read it on their faces. War sucks and death is not something you can shake off.

But, the Iraq war isn’t that big of a war as far as wars go, right? I mean, how much death is really going on over there?

Some would say the war related deaths started piling up on September 11, 2001 when the US lost 2,751 lives to the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center. Others would say that the loss of war related lives started in May 2003 when the US invaded Iraq and the first soldiers lost their lives. In that case we’re at 3,333 deaths.

US/IRAQ Death Toll Graph

But, what about the Iraqis who have lost their lives? Are their lives any less important? Of course not. And many of them are people, just like you and I who live day to day in their homes in a city they grew up in and they pray more than we ever had to for the war to end so their children can grow up and live good lives.

Fact is, this war has cost more lives than most of us know and as we go about our daily lives thinking that the casualties of this war are low, we don’t even realize how far from the truth that thought really is.

During World War II, it is estimated that 6 million Jews lost their lives to The Holocaust. An estimated 48 Million lost their lives throughout the world.

The number of US soldiers killed in Iraq is no where close to this and the media talks more regularly of the growing number of US casualties as it slowly climbs. But, this number is dwarfed by the number of Iraqis who have died in the carnage created by the American occupation. According to a study published by the medical journal Lancet, the number of Iraqis who have lost their lives in direct relation to the war reached 655,000 by June 2006. That would put the number of Iraqi deaths over 800,000 today.

Isn’t it time we end this war? For fuck sake.


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Mr. Charrington 04.25.07 at 11:55 am

I don’t think people realize how many people have die in this war. Amazing that the press doesnt say more about it.

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