John Kerry — “WTC7 brought down in controlled fashion”.

by Mr. Charrington on April 24, 2007


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Smacks3 04.24.07 at 3:11 pm

I am enjoying the way this clip was pieced together; It all sounds very much like every other conspiracy theory where they would like to blame the administration and big business for why the Trade Centers fell. They did admit to bringing down some structures to secure the safety of the site (which would leave controlled explosive residue) but to suggest that the WTC was brought down so the owner can collect $5billion at the expense of 3000+ lives is ludicrous. Could more have been done to prevent this attack? Probably… but to question officials who have not heard every rumor just to put them on the defensive to make them look like idiots is not necessary… they are capable of looking like idiots on their own without any help. While it is always good to question what is presented to get at the truth, how will that make this tragedy any easier for the families who lost their loved ones? How will assigning blame help our nation move forward into a positive light? Is this line of questioning brought forth to further a different agenda to impeach the President or impugn others in government so the control in Washington is shifted?

I find all of this a sad state when we help further the mob mentality instead of coming together to create positive change in our government. It is easy to snipe from the sidelines but if we truly want change it is up to each individual to make it happen. The beauty of our government is that it was built on the principles that nothing is set in stone, that it all can evolve. And while we are enjoying our First Amendment rights, we should also be responsible with what we say. We need to take care that we are not spreading any spin and acting as mindless pawns. We should be mindful that there is more information that cannot be released to the public and that leaves much room for speculation… that each media outlet that disseminates information has their own agenda and will spin and twist the facts to suit their needs and their hope is that we’ll be mindless sheep who will be spoon-fed their “truth”.

Mr. Charrington 04.24.07 at 8:02 pm

Lets talk about that. Sense we all know that the WTC7 was “pulled”, lets talk a little more about what that takes.

Weeks of planning ….. not hours or days but weeks.

One doesn’t run into a “burning building” of that size and duct tape a few M80′s to the wall, light them and run back out. Many of the country’s top demolition experts said it would have taken “weeks if not months” to assemble, co-ordinate and execute a “successful demolition” of any building by highly trained demolition experts (of which the NYFD has none), not to mention the legal aspects of any structure demolition.

It was reported by Mr. Silverman himself that Silverman and the NYFD “decided to Pull it” (demo WTC7 Building) because of the loss of life that day, yet the NYFD openly states they don’t have or get that “type of training” (demolition) and never talked to Mr. Silverman about any demolition.

More questions now arise — if it takes weeks or months by highly experienced demo experts (of which the NYFD openly admits they are not), was WTC7 a pre-planned demolition? Does that mean that someone knew about the attacks before they took place? If it wasn’t the NYFD who “pulled” the building who was it? Sounds like common sense to ask more questions at this point so lets continue doing so.

I somehow don’t think it’s “just” about insurance money. I believe it was over 7 “billion” and people will and have killed each other for far less. I think thats part of the issue is the most people just can’t believe that something like that could happen in our country, other countries but not this one, maybe an occasional “BJ” in the oval office, but surely not murder for oil or starting a war for profit, who would do such things?

Seems to me that Hitler pulled a stunt similar in apparence to 911 by burning down his own parliment and pointing the finger at the communists in a successful effort to get his own version of the “patriot act” Reichstag Fire Decree

Although the wiki says “it’s unclear” as to whom the author of the fire was, it is clear that Hitler was the only real beneficiary of the fire.

Rise of Hitler

Where as, I’m very certain there are things that the Government doesn’t want us to know, I’m just as certain that there isn’t anything that the people of this county don’t have a right to know.

The sad state is our country and those turning a blind eye to the facts, are too lazy and indifferent to do the math or to research the unbelievable amounts of stored data we have on this subject.

Here’s a quote I find myself using all too much lately.

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information. Which is proof against all arguements and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance– That principle is contempt prior to investigation”.

Think about it 06.14.07 at 9:25 pm

All someone has to do to easily see that WTC # 7 was a controlled demolition is to watch the video footage of it. You would have to be blind to not be able to see the two neat parallel rows of squibs (puffs/jets) going straight up the face of the building an instant before it implodes, symmetrically. If you watch the video footage of it and STILL are unsure what it was you need to have your head examined. It is that obvious.

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