Bush Authorizes Government Spying on Phone Calls and Email to and from the United States without warrants

by Mr. Charrington on May 2, 2007

Dr Evil Bush

New York Times Reports that president bush authorized illegal wiretapping and email sampling and is now in a big hurry to change the laws to make this illegal behavior legal. This new bill if passed may also allow video surveillance without a warrant.

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Mr. Charrington 05.03.07 at 12:07 am

Where is public outcry? Where are the protectors of our constitution, our rights?

WTF was the rest of our government thinking when they signed “The Patriot Act”?

Whats it going to take for everyone to wake up and see whats actually happening right before their media controlled eyes? The Goose Step?

Christ sakes people wake up….

Big Brother 05.03.07 at 1:15 pm

WTF? Is this guy pure evil? Seriously though!

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