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Polidics launched in April of 2007 and has already grown its readership to 1,500-3,000 visitors a day viewing around 5000 pages. We also get inbound links from high traffic news sites that often times bring our overall monthly traffic up to well over 100,000+ visitors.

If you’re a company or website owner who would like to connect with a young, tech smart crowd with vision for the future of America – now is your chance to be amongst our 1st sponsors. We have a limited number of seats for the right partners and we would love to talk with you.

Ad campaigns will be sold on a month by month basis. Some ad spots are currently filled but future months are open for booking.

These ad positions are:

1. Top Banner Sponsorship
2. Sidebar Sponsorship
3. Bottom Banner Sponsorship

For the right sponsor we may consider bundling 2 or 3 packages together to give you more prominence and an opportunity for a more exclusive partnership.

Contact Gerry as soon as possible for more info…

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