22 Year CIA Analyst Fired 4 Refusing to Falsify Iran Intell

by Mr. Charrington on July 3, 2008

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oberman sucks 07.05.08 at 8:34 am

oberman is a Leftist propagandist and a complete fool.

Adib 12.01.15 at 6:02 am

and I do listen to him. I have even claeld him up on the phone when he was doing a project in Africa.He knows how upset I am and understands. I told him I was pissed! I want more of the muslims to come out screaming is what I am saying I don’t see enough!What you said is true here is what Hameed wrote in a comment at ITM…The core of almost all of world’s ills and tensions is the Palestinian/ Israeli Conflict, whether we like or not?It perpetuated dictatorships and Tyrannies in the Arab and Islamic world and it is directly responsible for creating extremism which lives on fear, and it is probably the cause of rogue states holdng on to the Oil and is using it as a finanacial weapon to make the Industrialised world poorer.The Arabs could easily produce more OIl and reduce the cost of Oil in the forecourts.They are frightened by the Iranians and are intimidated lest they show favours to the west.My own analyses is that the Arabs became closer to Iran, due to the lack of positive and practical action by the West, and in Particular the Americans to tell Israel to start talking PEACE and should start to give up some of its land gains in exchange for PEACE.If peace is not successful the Israelis could easily get back by Force what they will have given up for PEACE. The Arab Armies are no match, are they?The glopbal recession is coming this year. OIl prices are up,- the Oil cost so little to produce and the OPEC profit is dispropotionate. Gold, Russia is the largest Gold producer now as well as South Africa, Real Estates, falling Dollar values , the freak weather conditions , The increase in the Euro Value, Japan’s Recession, China’s low progress and decline and the Indian dimension etc. all relate and can be affected by the stability in the ME. 45% source of energy in the world.The Palestinian/Israeli issue has contributed to all of this in some ways too.Poverty and Unemployment breads extremists who are desperate to survive and they found ready takers in Governments like Syria and Iran and such evil terrorists Organisations like The Qaeda’s O B L and Others of equally vile intents.The benefits of peace with the rest of the Arabs can be seen over the past thirty years, between Egypt and Jordan and Mauretania and Israel.. To deny that is foolish.I care about the intrests of the Iraqi people. Arming themselves and fighting has not done the country any good. Being Peaceful and Saving the multibillions OIL Dollars- which were to have been spent on useless second hand and second rate armaments from Russia and Bulgaria and Checkoslovakia and North Korea and the Chinese Satelite states etc- will be good for building new Schools, Universities, Colleges and Hospitals and other infra structural projects and above all establish a social security and Health Insurance systems, like they do in Israel and UK and USA and other civilised societies in the world.PEACE with Israel will be good for Iraq.PEACE will be far better than the current state of chaos, hate, vengeance and cycles of killings.Israel’s security will be guaranteed by the Peace itself and the other super powers.In some Arab Countries the Dogs and Donkeys are treated in housings and infrastructure better than the Palestinians. The Israelis when they occupied some Palestinian refugee camps in East Jerusalem treated them better, so much so that now they do not want to get back to being governed by their fellow Palestinains.who they consider as Criminals rogues.Please use your sharp mind to rpoote PEACE in the ME.Kind regardshameed AbidOk and what about the sleeper cells here in the USA? I can’t ignore this. I am honest about that.

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