FEMA “Our Founding Fathers Were Terrorists”

by Mr. Charrington on January 17, 2008

Have you ever thought of what would happen if our Government turned on it’s own citizens? How would they get the Military , government workers and possibly your own family to turn on themselves? I mean the military is made up of our families right? My father and grandfather were military. My older brother fought in Viet Nam. Many of our families have relatives in the service. Would they follow orders to shoot or imprison their own families? Brother against brother?

This instructor has fallen prey to his own propaganda, his own “passion” as he warns his student employees to be on the lookout for patriots with passion because they are the fathers of terrorism –

I want to make this clear, the members you see in this audience are Firemen and Police men. They are being trained to deal with “homeland terrorism”. Leading up to force with protesters — they may be the next founding fathers? This video was donate by one of the Firemen at the training.

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JL Wallace 01.17.08 at 12:24 pm

“One if by Land and the Lantern is Lit…”

Our Constitutional Republic has been destroyed. The foundation of American Liberty has been either distorted, erased or forgotten. Our entire planet is ruled by an oligarchy of established bankers, oilmen and global corporations. We the People find ourselves enslaved and intoxicated by an economic system that by design, destroys the prosperity, development and education of the World’s Citizenry.

The Federal Reserve and its fiat monetary policy need to be abolished. The unconstitutional (and enslaving) 16th Amendment needs to be repealed. Congress needs to listen to the people and convene an Article V Convention so we may work towards restoring the Constitutional Republic that our “elected” officials have stolen from us and sold to the highest bidder within the corporatocracy.

Our government is allowing the corporate elite to successfully merge Canada, Mexico and the United States into a single supra-national entity, the North American Union – complete with its new currency the “Amero”, which will be ushered in just after the fabricated collapse of our economy. The fascist Tories within our government are working towards another false-flag attack similar to 9/11 to “justify” an attack on Iran and the further erosion of our civil liberties in America.

A Halliburton subsidiary, KBR has already been awarded a $385 million contract to construct “detention centers” in the United States. Any puppet President of the United States now has the power to enact martial law and fully transform America into a police state. The conditioned-complacent public in this country and all the World’s Citizenry need to act now to save what few liberties we have left. Rediscover Patriotism. Resurrect Dissent. The time has come to ascend upon Washington and RESTORE THE REPUBLIC!

adam gibbs 01.17.08 at 3:57 pm

I have been saying exactly what the teacher of this class has said for years. Our founding fathers were considered terrorists by the British empire, but to us they were patriots. I do not condone or justify acts of terrorism, but we absolutely need to understand things from their perspective. It will do wonders to end this “war on terrorism”.

charrington 01.17.08 at 5:09 pm

While you are correct about being “terrorists” to the brits at that time, it’s a little different when your own government teaching it’s members to be on the lookout for other Americans that feel in contrast to the Bush administration’s policies. I hope that is clear to anyone watching the video.

I think you can see that currently we are starting to face a similar issue in our own so called democracy. We have a fascist government that is trying to prepare it’s governing body to reject anyone not agreeing or protesting their indiscretions and crimes. In the mean time more and more Americans are calling for their freedoms to be returned – the basis for another “tea party” at the very least.

FEMA’s answer? Head them off at the pass! Lets start the tin foil hats, conspiracy and founding father terrorists debunking now so when the time comes half of America will be backing their neocon pathology.

Good luck everyone …

Memysabu 05.19.08 at 1:14 am

Talk about taking it completely out of context, sounds like someone chopped it up to support their agenda. Play the whole video or dont use it as evidence. What a sham.

Charrington 05.19.08 at 1:44 pm

It’s about a 5 minute video that one of the firemen there filmed and sent it to Alex Jones because he thought it interesting propaganda and there was more to what that FEMA rep said if you want to view the entire video go to inforwars.com and my friend it’s not out of context. Now go put your head back in the sand.

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