It’s not the first time a Bush has tried to overthrow the Government.

by Mr. Charrington on January 14, 2008

This is my attempt to speak freely about a subject that I think might be one of the most telling points in history before it gets destroyed or new laws are created to keep the truth from you. Try and understand what this means to your freedom and ask yourself why is nothing being done today.

An attempt was made by pro-Nazi cabal including Prescott Bush the grandfather of both G.W. Bush and his daddy to establish themselves by military junta to topple FDR and install a Nazi government in America. They picked, what was in their best judgment, the ideal military leader for the junta to create a New World Order back in 1934; their choice: Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler! What they didn’t count on was Smedley’s patriotism. He turned them in. Smedley actually testified to congress on this so it’s no joke.

This information is still listed for anyone to read, but the way things are going I’m sure Bush will have them destroyed or inact a new law prohibiting you or anyone else from ever seeing them again, so look it up while you can.

The last video is Prescott Bush in person.

Prescott Bush, the Remingtons, du Pont and J.P. Morgan, instigated a Plan which included the assassination of FDR, the creation of concentration and slave labor camps, and installing a Nazi government after the Hitler model – a New World Order!

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YouTube Preview Image

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harts2961 05.20.08 at 12:24 am

look-up a news real of the Bush’s in church right after 911. There is a moment when Barbra looked over at George Jr. . The look in her eyes speeks volumes.

Kevin 03.08.12 at 8:12 pm

Bush Family Nazi Connections.

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