Ron Paul: The Stage Is Set For Our Country to Evolve Into Dictatorship.

by Mr. Charrington on March 17, 2008

Ron Paul delivering a critical message to congress, will they listen? I don’t think so, not this congress.

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P.A. Shipley 12.10.08 at 3:57 pm

Thank you for this information. It IS a scary world we are in just now, and this place in history will be recorded for future generations, so that they may make a better place in the world for themselves, and their loved one.
We each must take our responsibilities are Americans, the greatest nation ever known, very seriously, and take part in her future, or we must all surely fail
The prediction that our economy would fail in September 2008 was prophetic. I pray that the prediction for February 2009 is not!
Our freedom and liberty are in jeopardy unless we unite and bring this great republic upright once again.
Thank you,

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