U.S. citizens will now be required to observe laws which will not be disclosed to them.

by Mr. Charrington on April 6, 2009

So much for Change – Obama following closely in Bush’s footsteps. You know the only reason a government keeps things from it’s citizens is so you don’t skin them alive.

Copyright treaty is classified for ‘national security’

“Now President Obama’s White House has tightened the cloak of government secrecy still further, saying in a letter this week that a discussion draft of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and related materials are “classified in the interest of national security pursuant to Executive Order 12958.”

Excuse me? A copyright agreement is a matter of “national security”? By what possible stretch of the imagination can only 10 pages of the 806-page treaty be free for citizens to read? Will the Defense Department be prosecuting copyright cases now?

Leaving aside the Obama administration’s embrace of the Bushian (and Nixonian) proclivity for stamping “national security” on anything and everything — and vigorously fighting to justify that stamp — how is there supposed to be informed comment and debate on a sweeping trade agreement whose contents can’t be revealed?

Further, treaties have the power of law in the U.S. So U.S. citizens will be required to observe laws which will not be disclosed to them. How can one follow a secret law? How will this be adjudicated? “I can’t tell you what the defendant did wrong, Your Honor, but I can assure you it was against the law.”

I suspect the only “security” involved here is that of the recording- and entertainment-industry lobbyists who are greasing palms to get some special favors in this new legislation treaty. Once again, we see the sham of Changey McHopeful’s promises for openness, transparency, and a new way of government.”

More at PC World and Ars Technica.

Read complete article http://wendymcelroy.com/news.php?extend.2361&notypo=1


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