0 to 60 in 1 second – Electric Drag Bike Sets World Record

by Mr. Charrington on November 11, 2007

GM would have you believe there really isn’t enough power in electric motors. What do you think? Can we just say “No” to gas now? This monster has a name, “Killacycle” sets a world record at the drag races.

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ON THE OTHER HAND — maybe it’s too fast. This video shows one of the owners being a complete dumb ass, as he loses control of the bike, crashes and almost dies right after telling the reporter that “he’s seen a man die drag bike racing” and how dangerous it is.

Kind of a Law of Attraction for Forrest Gump types ???

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0 to 60 in 1 second - Electric Drag Bike Sets World Record « Fat Loss Tips and Information
11.12.07 at 4:41 am

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mind 11.11.07 at 12:42 pm

> Can we just say “No” to gas now?

No, we can’t. Power has never been the problem with electric motors, it’s the lack of energy storage (take a look at how expensive the batteries are. take a look at the environmental impact of manufacturing them). If you want to help the environment, learn some physics so that you can make informed decision about technologies.

Mensajero 11.11.07 at 3:27 pm

Better, learn some physics and make the technologies.

I’m really excited for the future of batteries. Some breakthroughs include nano-capacitors and coating virus strings with conductive materials. Both allow really tiny and efficient batteries, but are currently still in the research stage. However, I’m confident that in my lifetime the common vehicular travel will be electronic (and maybe robotic, if the latest DARPA robot trek challenge is any indication).

Lastly, that motorcycle. Insane. I hope that dude is alright.

RIckard` 11.11.07 at 4:43 pm

you see it’s not realy about “Can it be done”, it’s more a question of “How many cubic dollars can I throw at this”. and now that battery technology is getting cheaper and cheaper, We’ll see more of this kind of racing.the big problems are

1> it’s not Green , you still got to use a lot of gas to run the generator to charge the battery packs
2. the manufacturing of some kinds of high power batteries are still TOXIC to the environment!
3. it takes racing out out of the hands of Gear Heads, and in the realm of Engineers
4. Guy’s like me will have too much of an advantage. Having built and raced hot rods all my life and being somewhat Knowledgeable about electronics, It’ll bwe harder and harder to find marks at the track willing to support my racing habits by loosing $100s betting on runs :) :) :) :)

Mr. Charrington 11.11.07 at 6:56 pm

Actually mind, all the technology is already here. There are several cars that get over 300 miles per charge and the making of the batteries have FAR less negative impact the environment then current petroleum sources do. In fact there are hundreds of customers that use solar panels on their homes and pay less then $10.00 a month for all their electrical needs and that includes charging their electric cars! Are they expensive? At this point there priced very competitive, take a look at the Phoenix cars and trucks: Phoenix Motors
Here’s another great place for those lost the world of implied expertise – The top ten electric vehicles you can buy today

You hit the nail right on the head Mind, too many noobs talking shit about something they haven’t a clue about.

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