Robert F. Kennedy Jr – “They are Destroying the Constitution”

by Mr. Charrington on May 28, 2008

This speaks for itself…

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Claude Miller 05.28.08 at 7:43 pm

I do not listen to socialist Kennedy’s.

The whole group are shanty Irish, and their “clan” are all Socialist Democrats.

That is until a “darky” wants to move near their compound, then they begin thinking like redneck hillbilly’s.

Mr. Charrington 05.28.08 at 9:07 pm

Whatever you feel about him or “Them” what he’s saying is exactly the truth. Only true pussies let fear control them and their actions – pussy making is the construct of our current administration.

sjt8184 05.29.08 at 2:20 am

This is exactly why Hillary needs to call it quits and get behind Obama. The Fascists that have taken over the Republican party need to be stopped. Hopefully in 4 or 8 years they will become a minority in their own party again. But they have completly devalued the words “Libreal” and “Conservative”. I am a proud Libreal, but the way they drop these words is disguisting. RFK Jr is right, what the Republican’s in power have done as of late can not be called true Conservatisim.

Also, kind of offtopic, but the title on the top of the web browser says “JFK jr” when it should say “RFK jr”.

TJ Colatrella 05.31.08 at 4:00 pm

I worked as a young kid for RFK in NJ in that primary which he won then two weeks later he was executed shot in the back of his head by a gun that as coroners all agree could not have been more than 1 1/2 inches from his head..

RFK Jr. has stayed true to that mission to make a better life for his fellow Americans mostly protecting our environment and now protecting our Constitution..and the articles in addition to that great document The Bill of Rights..

If we were to address the fundamentals and try and get to the core difference between these false neo-conservatives and those who without any background and or grounding call themselves conservative..

The key point is that as our Founder’s designed and intended along with those who influenced them the philosophers and economists which most of them were, of The Age of Enlightenment is that the purpose of government is to Serve The People..that is the only reason and justification for government to exist to Serve The People..

As J.S. Mill said towards the end of his distinguished life “I am a socialist a democratic socialist..!”

We must adapt to our times and be willing and able to adjust by borrowing from what works in order to serve the people..

So ask yourself how does the obscene asymmetrical economic warfare being waged out of Texas upon America thanks to those who worked for Enron and Senator Phil Gramm who slipped the Enron loophole through Congress which is behind the gouging and artificial speculation in “Dark Markets” of oil serving the people..?

It does not..!

So why not Nationalize the America Oil Companies cut costs by 30-35% and still have $50-60 billion per year for alternative energy sources and new technologies which will create an economic boom promote commerce that would effect every American..

So why not Nationalize the American Airlines and restore safety and cut down on redundant flights and conserve tons of fuel and require all maintenance be done with the United States and not these 3rd world nations as it is being done now..we have been subsidizing them to the tune of billions yet they declare bankruptcy just to as to cheat their employees out of their pensions..while allowing safety to slip and treating passengers like cattle if that well even..

Why not get the Insurance companies out of our Health Care, or their Profit incentive which allows some to live and all too many to die..or go untreated or unhealed..this will also hep many of our failing corporations to compete in the global economy..

Why can we not take the Sub Prime Mortgages and peg them at 3% above the fed rate or Prime rate not to go below 6.25% and forgive all penalties to date 1/2 of which are illegal or more as reported and thus not one Tax Payers dime be spent to either bail out the borrowers or the lending institutions…?

Why not have usery laws as nations did 2,000 years ago, and limit what credit cards can charge at 15% tops and no higher..?

You see these are solutions are they socialism or just sound smart economics which Serve the People..?


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