The Fate of “New World Order” in Irelands hands.

by Mr. Charrington on June 10, 2008

9 Part series / documentary is exactly what will happen in the U.S. soon, so people watch how it’s done so you’ll see it coming and know when you are being screwed by your own government. These laws are shocking and insane – these video’s are a must see… Listen carefully to part #7 and the NAU.

Twenty Six other countries have betrayed it’s people by not giving them a vote on the Lisbon Treaty. That right the very same thing is being proposed for North America. By some insidiously stroke of unimaginable luck the only country that can block this treaty is the very country that the nameless EU face has shit on for hundreds of years, thats right … Ireland!

The irony makes me cry with laughter. One can only hope Ireland is still fully in control of it’s own government and will block this NWO effort by the elite pigs that started it.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

End of Nations #4
End of Nations #5
End of Nations #6
End of Nations #7
End of Nations #8
End of Nations #9


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