FEMA has over 4 acres of new coffins — why?

by Mr. Charrington on July 6, 2008

Not that FEMA wouldn’t have use for them at any given time. But a million of them? These burial vaults are also air tight, I guess there’s a good answer for all of this. So I’m waiting.

Here’s the actual company that makes them. Even though FEMA insists that they are coffin liners, polyguard says they are normal size coffins. Usually used to bury people that have been exposed to something that is spreadable. The vaults are air tight.

Polyguard Burial Vault
YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image none

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Valorie Frost 03.19.09 at 6:35 pm

Hello thank you for tring and sow people what may and could very well be the truth to all we have woundered about our world. Well the thing is this is a very sick ideal and how do you know it is really gunna happen i see the tubs and i seen mouments but what facts is there to this. beside cias comeing out so that i can help open my fam. eyes. please and thank you.

gizachew 10.06.11 at 5:09 am

10QU 4 Showing us the other face of our world, particularly the ugly face of politicians.

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