0 to 60 in 4 seconds, 100% electric, 250 miles per 3.5 hr charge and damn sexy.

by Mr. Charrington on May 30, 2007

Wow – Tesla Motors!

Tesla Motors Electric CarYou need only open the morning paper to understand the importance and urgency of America‘s reduced reliance on foreign oil. The instability of the Middle East makes our 58% dependence on foreign oil a dangerous and costly proposition.

“That Old Black Magic”, 58% of the 20 million barrels a day that we use comes from hostile nations or countries that despise American Foreign policy.

What better reason to become less dependent on foreign oil? Not to mention the satisfaction you’d be getting from telling the Middle East you’ll buy Oil at .01 cent per gallon or shove it.

Tesla Motors Video:
YouTube Preview Image

Phoenix Electric car’s can be recharged with solar panels!

Ferrari vs Electric car

YouTube Preview Image none

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Mr. Charrington 05.30.07 at 1:20 pm

Wow I want one ….

anonymous 05.30.07 at 1:47 pm


Ryan 05.30.07 at 3:47 pm

yeah…and way too expensive for common people. The base price is over $90K!

Big Brother 05.30.07 at 4:11 pm

But, like the guy said, it’s a market approach to start high appealing to those who can afford it first.

Then, they can optimize and make more affordable in successive models to appeal to medium income levels and then finally to low income levels.

It might suck for most of us, but it makes sense to do it that way.

As they optimize their production processes cost will come down and like anything else, higher volume = lower cost, so as they become more and more popular they’ll be able to sell more at more affordable prices.

Mr. Charrington 05.30.07 at 4:38 pm

I dunno, it’s not too badly priced for what you get.

eric b 05.30.07 at 4:47 pm

Right — but let’s compare apples to apples – if Porche was allowed to trip 150 pounds off of their weight load and optimize for a quarter mile track, they’d be a lot closer.

Further, the electric has significant gains in torque.

I’m not saying that Tesla doesn’t have some interesting technology and ideas, but this doesn’t show it.

Rob Suto 05.30.07 at 4:49 pm

The second video ‘s car is a rebuild of an aeirel atom.

Mr. Charrington 05.30.07 at 6:08 pm

Ya but thats kinda the point. Gas cars are not all those things mentioned and more importantly this is a good solution that can progress further to help us solve some really big problems this country has.

Steven 05.30.07 at 6:13 pm

Tesla is largely forgotten? What ..? Anyone who takes high school physics will hear Tesla’s name.

Mr. Charrington 05.30.07 at 6:27 pm

Very bright individual. I know there was a lawsuit over who invented the radio. I also know that he won the lawsuit.

podiceps 05.30.07 at 7:23 pm

It´s all fine and dandy to use electric cars, but how do you produce electricity in the USA?

You use hydro yes, wind and solar energy but also nuclear, coal and gas, right??

So where´s the gain in using an electric car that gets charged using the latter three?

Besides, you are facing a crisis in the form of a major lack of electricity.

daveathome 05.30.07 at 9:23 pm

Wake up and smell the solar panels, people! Solar charging stations are the future, NOW! I would LOVE to stop giving all of my cash to the oil companies and to the Saudis! But, will they ALLOW us serfs to revolt, and to be free? Everyone should watch “Who Killed The Electric Car”! The Powers That Be do not want the people to be independent and self sufficient, since they will lose their income source (i.e., us).

Harvey 05.30.07 at 10:03 pm

but, i like burning gasoline…i believe in old school hp…
electric cars…bah…

Big Brother 05.30.07 at 10:13 pm

My main concern is that the developers of this technology will be “gotten to” like GM was back when they made the decision to make the main stream electric car a reality years ago.

It seemed at first that GM was all about it, and next thing you know, they switched gears. WTF? Why’d they stop in their tracks? Why’d they demolish their technology?

That’s the question. (Like it’s a big secret)…

Now, whoever convinced GM to stop development of the electric car and trash their Billion dollar investment, plz stand up.

I won’t be surprised if all Tesla Motors development stops abruptly someday in the near future…

You can quote me on that…

Mr. Charrington 05.30.07 at 10:33 pm

Thats the point pod, you “start” by NOT using the other “3″. Mostly importantly remember that it’s time to make a change now and not just quit because there’s going to be an effort involved.

Shardul 05.30.07 at 10:59 pm

Hi – great to see these video clips. It is very encouraging to see the development of electric cars that can be charged with solar power. Great for the environment and the pocket. We really, really need to get away from fossil fuel. Thanks, Shardul.

Norman 05.31.07 at 12:58 am

Why all this xenophobia coming out now?
Is it OK to hate on the Arabs?
Who cares where the fossil fuel comes from?
People claim to be for reduce use of fossil fuels but at the same time they elect a Oil Man TWICE for the White House.
Total hypocrisy.

Stephan 05.31.07 at 5:10 am

Oh, they hate our foreign policy and we’re reliant on their oil, so instead of changing the foreign policy, we invest a lot of money to not need the oil? Very smart.

Mr. Charrington 05.31.07 at 7:31 am

I don’t agree Norman. It’s not about hate it’s about a better way of life for eveyone. As for the “Oil Man” — now maybe there we’re talking hate. I think Bush and company have to pay for their crimes, unfortunately it seems that politicians are above the law and even worse, Americans won’t get off their fat asses and do something about it.

Mr. Charrington 05.31.07 at 7:36 am

Foreign policy really isn’t what this post is about. It’s about a way or starting a way to get off the Oil merry-go-round. Does foreign polilcy need work? Hell yes it does. No ones saying that we can forget about foreign policy if we get off the crack oil. Just saying that it’s a good time to make a move in another direction that will help our planet, country etc.

Durr 05.31.07 at 3:27 pm

nuclear power doesn’t hurt the earth and is probably one of the safest ways to produce it and i gives alot of possibilities so the USA isn’t doomed just yet

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