“2008 Election will be stolen, here’s how” – Greg Palast

by Mr. Charrington on May 25, 2007

“Palast claims to have 500 emails that the House subpoenaed and Karl Rove claims were deleted forever. They prove definitively, says Palast, that the Justice Department is infested with operatives taking orders from Rove to steal upcoming elections for Republicans and permanently alter the Department.”

This isn’t new and not any mention of this in the media after the 2000 elections however, we are left wondering if there has been more voting crimes in the past and or if there will be more voting crimes committed in the future. Greg Palast seems to agree that this is just the beginning.
It seems that all politicians are above the law and there is nothing we can do — unless perhaps vote for someone other then the “business as usual Clintion, Obama, Giuliani and Romney’s of the political world and vote for some serious change like a Mike Gravel or Ron Paul.
Video of 2000 election crimes:

YouTube Preview Image

Links to original articles:
Future of America Has Been Stolen
Greg Palast


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Mr. Charrington 05.28.07 at 2:38 pm

I really like Gregs style of reporting – amazing thing is that the media is TOTALLY ignoring this one wtf?

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