ABC News: “C” for Censorship?

by Mr. Polidico on May 8, 2007

In a direct response by Internet users, ABC was inundated with hundreds of forum comments pointing fingers at ABC News, proclaiming censorship and accusing ABC of attempting to blatantly manipulate public perception of who is leading the way to the Republican primaries.

Mammoth News conglomerate, ABC News has come under heavy fire by a wave of Internet bloggers late last night and early this morning.

According to posts on, a popular Internet Socializing Site, Popular Media giants witnessed a small scale public uprising today. ABC first failed to mention Presidential candidate, Ron Paul, in their Republican Debate Rankings. ABC later created an online Poll to allow users to vote on who won the Republican debates. ABC reporters claimed a flawed system when Ron Paul, an “unlikely” candidate, won with a massive landslide.

“Dear ABC Employees, Good job censoring, then discrediting, freedom. You should feel proud. Love, The American People”

According to ABC readers, Presidential candidate and Congressman Dr. Ron Paul won, claiming a massive 85% of the online ABC specific votes. Those voting Ron Paul accounted for 12,757 of the 14,955 total submissions as of the writing of this story).

“Hey ABC, just because no one is paying you to show support for Paul or Gavel doesn’t mean you can’t put them on a level playing field with the rest of the candidates.”

ABC News later submitted a story claiming, “Paul supporters have mastered the art of viral marketing, using Internet savvy and blog postings to create at least the perception of momentum for his long-shot presidential bid.”

ABC’s article also implied the position that the online vote was, “just one very savvy supporter who’s able to vote several thousand times”.

Much public criticism of ABC News followed.

“ABC, you shouldn’t attempt to make the news, Just report it.

The founding fathers recognized that for a robust Republic, an honest and vigrous Free Media was needed to keep the public informed.”

Soon, ABC reportedly began removing comments that were in support of Ron Paul and more precisely, in criticism of ABC News.

In a direct response, Online forum posting exploded shortly thereafter whereby ABC was bombarded even further with complaints accusing ABC of outright, blatant censorship and trying to cover up their censorship with even more censorship.

“A Ron Paul Revolution is sweeping America!!! And the first casualty seems to be the mainstream Medias credibility!!! Ha Ha Ha Dinosaur Media!!!”

At the time of this writing, 364 comments remained on the ABC website after many had already been removed. It appears, for the moment at least, that ABC has stopped removing user’s comments.

“The irregular number of votes for Ron Paul is not about his popularity — It’s a response to an attempted censorship of his candidacy.

Once ABC began to delete comments about Ron Paul, it was inevitable that this would be seen and [interpreted as] wrong, and that organized groups of people would vote en masse for him.

[The fact] that ABC is apparently deleting comments about the deletion of comments is a humorous comment [in and of] itself on how they just don’t get it.”

A Stand Out Comment by an American Citizen

“You see, the Internet is the medium of the people. For the longest time now, America has had to stand idly by and watch the opinions of newspaper, radio and television editors tell them what they think.

From expose to publishing the American ‘opinion-of-the-day’, the voice of the authors were heard above the chatty din of pub talk and dinner table discussion. Politicians paid attention to the media because it was in their face.

Now, the American people have found a new way to express their freedom of speech. It is the Internet that has given [our] voices the volume that [we] need to ensure [we] are heard.

When MSNBC decided to ignore the actual poll results and post their own conclusions, we stood up and yelled ‘Foul!’ loud enough for you to hear us. By backing our opinion, and publishing this article, you have wielded a double-edge sword.

You must decide that you will either add volume to our opinion or shut us off completely.

The real story about the 2008 elections is not which candidate will win, but that the candidate that wins may do so in spite of the best interests of the rich and powerful, and that America will stand up and demand some real change in this country despite the lies and deceit attempted by editors and publishers who have long thought they could control the masses.

There is revolt brewing.

The revolt will not be fought with guns and knives.

No, the revolt will be fought with the weapon that the U.S. military complex itself invented to be able to withstand attack from conventional weaponry.

The revolt will be fought with the Internet. And, the armaments being loaded will be an armament that fought the revolution of 1776 against a tyrannical government.

It will be fought with the voice of public opinion, unedited, and with the driving force of an uncontrollable mob that is the American populace.”


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ABC News Censors 02.08.09 at 7:45 pm

Oh you better believe it, ABC news censors comments BIGTIME. Any comment with any teeth in it, in opposition to Obama or the Democrats gets deleted. I have tested this time and time again!

Kelly Trujillo 12.16.15 at 4:38 pm

I have been “blacklisted” from the comments section.

I NEVER use profanity so it’s all about the message. ABC can’t stand up to honest debate pure and simple.

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