ABC’s 2.5 billion reasons to censor your vote

by Mr. Charrington on May 8, 2007

How could any person aside from those wearing AFDBs (Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie) even begin to entertain thoughts of ABC trying to control the outcome of any election? I mean seriously folks , what does ABC have at stake that could in essence make them forsake the very heart of journalism and unaccountably lie, distort and exclude the facts in the biggest election possibly in the history of our Nation?

I highly doubt that any connection can be made between Disney / GE / Sid R. Bass and a possible motive for ABC pushing their candidates on Americans for financial reasons.

Incoming Ron Burgundy AFDB alert!
Disney, GE (general electric) and Sid R. Bass (crude petroleum and natural gas production mogul) are partners / owners of ABC.

We can find no ties between war, money, corruption and petroleum so lets put that craziness to bed right now. We can also eliminate GE from the list of possible causes for alarm because we also know that even though they have 2.5 billion in military contracts and have substantially gained from the war on terrorism, would not influence ABC’s highly ethical journalistic practices. In Fact, I think we all know in our heart of hearts that GE with America’s best interest in mind would never try to coerce, bribe or run illegal experiments on humans with radiation, including irradiating the reproductive organs or otherwise do anything that might be considered illegal or unethical.

So what if ABC says “the news is what we make it”, as long as it doesn’t make me get up from my sofa. So what if Global warming ruins the planet , as long as it doesn’t happen in our lifetime. So what if there are 852 million people starving in the world today, just as long as it isn’t us.

Albert Einstein once defined the word “insanity” as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. What’s it gonna be America, more of the same?


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Mr. Charrington 05.09.07 at 12:09 pm

I’ve got video’s of ABC lying about the Kennedy assassination. This shit goes way back …. nothing new.

zorn 05.10.07 at 9:32 am

Really great article, love this site. Have your rss feed.

im at work, sorry for short comment. :)

Mr. Charrington 05.10.07 at 6:31 pm

Thanks Zorn,
We hope it helps do something to change politics today .. cuz they suck.

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