Ben Cohen (Ben and Jerry’s) on The Federal Budget

by Mr. Polidico on April 30, 2007

This is a great visual animation that explains how we can solve many U.S. and World problems by redistributing the Federal budget a little.

Ben Cohen is a co-creator of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream but is working with True Majority to help make a difference. Could the same guy who gives us some of the World’s best ice cream also help solve some of the World’s larger problems? It would seem so.

“There are some things even more important than ice cream…”

His creative animated video touches on World hunger, poverty, education, alternative energy and presents a simple approach to solving some serious world issues that seem to get all but lost in the midst of war. He presents his view with amazing simplicity.

Very interesting stuff…

ยป Watch the Animation Now!


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Gdog 04.30.07 at 9:15 am

My new hero of the day! :-) Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he makes some kick ass ice cream.

Mr. Charrington 04.30.07 at 5:17 pm

Prime example of over spending for military control. The more we spend on arms the more other countries have to keep a defensive stance and so begins the cold war cycle.

I think it’s far more important to get the starving here in the U.S. fed and educated.

Our government is really showing how out of control it really is.

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