Chrysler Sales Plummet 39% in March. Russia is Laughing.

by Mr. Polidico on April 1, 2009

Chrysler says their March sales fell 39% last month.

That’s where we are in America right now. Dazed and confused, ears ringing, stumbling away from a car wreck the whole world wondering if we’re OK. I think this is when the medical technician says, “sir, you need to have someone take a look – you may have internal bleeding”. Shock, I guess you could call it. Or, denial.

After being rejected by Obama for a free handout, it’s back to the drawing board for Chrysler.

I guess somebody should have been concentrating on lining politicians pockets a little more and time on new flashy automobile designs and sexy commercials a little less.

Anybody else feel like somebody is out there watching all of this in amusement, probably ready to bust out laughing when the shit really hits the fan? They’ll be like, “ooo oooo cool, check this out. America is reeeally tanking now…!”

Actually, that’s Russia right about now:

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