CNN Reports Ron Paul At 0% Meanwhile CNN Online Poll Shows Him At 75%

by Mr. Charrington on June 15, 2011

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June 14, 2011 by Trevor Lyman

While the online poll conducted by CNN shows Ron Paul as the clear winner with 75% of the votes, CNN reporters pull a fast one by citing a lesser known poll hosted at National Journal claiming Ron Paul came in at 0%.

CNN discards their own poll in favor of another poll that shows results more to their liking.

This is overt propaganda.

The National Journal poll cited by CNN now shows Ron Paul in the lead with 33% of the vote.

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“Poll last night on CNN Results:

Bachmann/Minnesota: 8% (raised to 21%)

Cain/Businessman: 9% (lowered to 4%)

Gingrich/Former House Speaker: 3% (raised to 7 %)

Ron Paul/Texas: 67% (eliminated to 0%)

Pawlenty/Former Minnesota Governor: 3% (raised to 9 %)

Romney/Former Massachusetts Governor: 8%(raised to 51%)

Santorum/Former Pennsylvania Senator: 2% (raised to 4%)

notice Cain scored Higher than Romney and Bachman Tied at 8. If you havent heard of manipulation,? there it is”


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