Do You Really Think Super-Delegates Will Vote for Obama?

by FreedomWriter on February 19, 2008

It was my hope that the lessons learned during the Gore/Bush “hanging chad” election would never be repeated and that our President would be elected the way our forefathers intended … based on POPULAR VOTE.

Unfortunately the upcoming election may once again be taken out of our hands … the hands of the majority … and this time decided by those little known entities — the so-called “Super-Delegates”.

Who are these Super-Delegates?
Super-delegates (approximately 850 in 2008) include the following:
Elected members of the Democratic National Committee (~450)
Democratic Governors Democratic US Senators and US Representatives (including non-voting delegates) Distinguished party leaders (current and former Presidents and Vice Presidents; former Democratic leaders of the Senate and House; former DNC chairmen)
Unpledged “add-on’s” chosen by the DNC

What Is The Rationale For Super-Delegates?
The Democratic Party established this system in part in response to the nomination of George McGovern in 1972. McGovern took only one state and had only 37.5 percent of the popular vote. Then in 1976, Jimmy Carter was a dark-horse candidate with little national experience. Super-delegates were implemented in 1984.
Super-delegates are designed to act as a check on ideologically extreme or inexperienced candidates. It also gives power to people who have a vested interested in party policies: elected leaders. Because the primary and caucus voters do not have to be active members of the party (in New Hampshire they can sign up and sign out going-and-coming at the polls), the super-delegate system has been called a safety-valve.

What Is The Importance of Super-Delegates?

The Democratic Party allocates delegates based on a state’s Presidential vote in the prior three elections and the number of electors. In addition, states that hold their primaries or caucuses later in the cycle receive bonus delegates. It has been 30 years since the Democratic Party had a cliffhanger going into the Convention. If there is no clear winner after state primaries and caucuses, then the super-delegates — who are bound only by their consciences — will decide the nominee. Therefore it is more important than ever to make your voices heard…loud enough to influence these Super-Delegates who may still be undecided.

And with that said … without endorsing either party or a specific candidate … here’s your Election Food For Thought.

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David 03.07.08 at 8:15 pm

Americans faced with 3 losers of ill repute,really have no choice at all.
Americans themselves are reduced to nothing more than prisoners in their own country.Prisoners to the cabal of gangsters that have ruled them since they murdered JFK.The very gangsters that conspired to kill JFK and ultimately did murder him have been your very leaders since that time.
Look back from Johnson to the present day ,look at the reflection of ugliness ,that rears its ugly head president after president each one
becoming bolder than the last to extract his measure of blood money from the American people.I dare any American to measure up to how responsible Americans were prior to the Johnson presidency.
America today is reduced in every way and is on it’s way to third world status .Americans do not even have the fortitude to rebel ,they have been reduced to idiots,clowns, and uneducated ignoramuses. compare the Americans of today to the Americans of the 1950′s and 1960′s i dare any and every American to see the truth for what it is.

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