Houston Law Enforcement Readies Gulf Spy Drones For Use On Civilians.

by Mr. Charrington on November 25, 2007

What company was it that wanted to put tracking chips in their underwear so they would know how many times we “put them on and took them off”? I think they found a new way of working the consumer rejection issues out…

How about we just let Homeland Security and Local Law Enforcement take a look at what were “getting into” daily? A local Houston news station (channel 2) basically caught them (local law enforcement and Homeland Security) in the act of testing it out in Houston and when confronted — of course – lie about it. Someone had previously reported that they were going to be used for issuing “speeding tickets” roflmao! Public disinformation.

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Mr. Charrington 11.25.07 at 1:53 pm

Geeeee Now if only we can sub contract this out to blackwater to do this for the Local Law enforcement we’ll have our own little Berlin.

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