Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See.

by Mr. Charrington on December 5, 2007

Whether or not you believe what others are saying about global warming you’d better pick a side and soon.

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12.05.07 at 3:42 pm

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Tom 12.05.07 at 2:55 pm

1) I dont buy that everything needs to be so clear cut. Yes there is probably global warming. How bad will it be can very. So, imagine we humans fixed some of the problems. So in the end, the world would be a worse place but not catastrofic…

2) The investment might involve costs that involve long term payback. A way of removing CO2 out of the air will not do anything for us now. On the otherhand, what if an investment in a renewable source of energy might actually lower the cost of the energy and make it a fixed cost removing rollercoaster prices. Yes, it might cost more upfront but long term it would be cheaper.

brad 12.05.07 at 4:46 pm

His contention is (with the worst case scenario) that it would be instantaneous.

If there is any Global Warming taking place – which is in doubt- it will take HUNDREDS of years to warm significantly.

Humans will Adapt. The earth will Adapt. Animals will Adapt.

It’s happened several times before.

Before YouTube and SUVs

Mr. Charrington 12.06.07 at 12:27 am

No he was actually talking 10 – 20 years and there are some first that have never happened before in the history of planet earth (take note of that it’s very important). At some point there will be too many people for the earth to hold someday…. far in the future but global warming is happening at a much quicker pace. I guess what I’m saying is don’t kid yourself about the time we have. As he pointed out — what do you have to lose?

Ken 01.09.08 at 10:27 am

The author’s arguement is fatally flawed since it completely ignores at least one other viable alternative, i.e., that global warming is a naturally occuring cyclical event. If warming is driven by natural atmospheric changes, a theory which appears to have as much if not more scientific data support than the man-made causal scenario, then major expenditures applied to mitigating and/or reducing the man-made “drivers” would be at best misdirected and at worst, delay actions (moving out of flood planes, develop more cost-efficient desalination techniques, etc.) which could mitigate the inevitable distasters (flooding, etc.). It is unfortunate almost of the published opinions I’ve seen ignore this possibility and continue to ignore that there is not a universal, scientifically supported position that global warming is man-made.

Mr. Charrington 01.09.08 at 12:00 pm

I think he does mention the “best case” scenario. The real problem is now world summit on Global Warming is proving daily we have issues and even IF it was “naturally” occurring there is VERY good reason to change things NOW and not wait till it IS too late.

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