Restore the Republic – Inspired video about Ron Paul

by Mr. Charrington on May 18, 2007

I think this video of Ron Paul says it all. none

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Orhan Kahn 05.18.07 at 5:15 am

I’m not even American and I think this clip was inspiring. The music was a little lame though. Good to see Americans with a decent pool of candidates. Hope you choose well.

John 05.18.07 at 9:24 am

Fantastic work.

May I suggest trimming it down and replacing the song with something a little more inspiring.

Spread it around.

Mr. Charrington 05.18.07 at 9:40 am

Honestly Orhan .. I think there are only two candidates worth talking about. Mike Gravel and Ron Paul the others are more of the same we have now and will do NOTHING to help our fellow countrymen and America.

zorn 05.21.07 at 11:02 am

How anyone can view the snake oil salesmen that fill our political arenas and NOT be amazed when hearing Ron Paul just… mystifies me. One voice of reason amongst the crowd of thieves … I doubt he has a chance, unfortunately. He has my vote though.

Richard Frunzi 05.27.07 at 3:08 am

We have lost our America and it is time to get it back. He has my vote.

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