SPP Summit and the New World Order

by Mr. Charrington on August 24, 2007

From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, Grassfire.org

+ + What really happened at the SPP summit… (Security and Prosperity Partnership)


If you haven’t heard, this week’s Security and Prosperity
Partnership summit in Canada was cut short — ending a
day earlier than planned.

In fact, you could say the three heads of state couldn’t
get out of town fast enough!

While I do not doubt Mexican President Calderon’s need
to get back to Mexico due to the hurricane, it seems all
three were glad to get out of the pressure cooker of
this SPP summit!

In fact, each went out of his way to downplay the SPP
and almost belittle their own multi-year effort to build
a “North American Framework.” Canada’s Prime Minister Harper
essentially said all this effort was about nothing more
than standardizing the jelly bean! Here’s Harper:

“The rules for jelly bean contents are different in Canada
and the United States… Is the sovereignty of Canada
going to fall apart if we standardize the jelly bean?
I don’t think so.”

(Mexico’s Calderon added that it was about “parameters for

Of course, President Bush took the opportunity to take pot
shots at citizens like you and me who are questioning the
SPP. He said he was “amused by some of the speculation”
and dismissed it as “political scare tactics” centered on
“conspiracy” theories.

Mr. President, for the record, 168,150 Grassfire team members
who signed our petition are simply calling for full disclosure
on the SPP’s action items and accountability to Congress
and the American people.

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James, there’s a reason they couldn’t get out of
town quick enough and the answer is found in Jerome Corsi’s book.

His book uncovers the deceptions and connects the dots
between the SPP, amnesty and the open borders agenda.

As I field interviews daily on this topic, I am constantly
referring back to Dr. Corsi?s book.

Dr. Corsi’s publisher has made available a limited supply.
Most are already accounted for, by my staff says we still
have a few signed and unsigned copies available.

Please go here to request your copy:


Let’s face it — the only thing that will slow down the SPP’s
march to a “North American Framework” is an informed electorate.

That’s why Bush, Harper and Calderon couldn’t get out of
town fast enough. They felt the pressure from grassroots
citizens! They were well aware of the protests taking
place in Canada and the fact that we gathered and presented
over 150,000 petitions in just over a week.

But you and I must stay informed.

Please go here to request your copy of the book while you
help Grassfire continue to inform and equip grassroots citizens:

Grassfire.org info

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