Al Qaeda Not Existing Before Invasion: ‘So What?’

by Mr. Charrington on December 15, 2008

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Andrew David Taylor 01.23.09 at 9:46 pm

The Al Qaeda is real. I was attacked in my workplace in 1992 by them and the CIA hushed the whole thing up. The CIA knew about the attack on the World Trade Center in 1992. The maps printed in my workplace in 1992 were maps of airport security. Airport security is in three parts. Military, civilian, and commercial. Al Qaeda forgot the food service. They were afraid being in a foreign country (to them) and they were fearful but the emperical study convinced them that walking through the metal detectors of the civilian side by buying a ticket would be best. They had anthrax from Iraq that was shipped to Iraq (probably) under the Reagan Administration. That anthrax was given to Iraq in about 1985. Al Qaeda either stole it from Saddam or it was gifted to kill Americans with their own miltiary weapons. Check out ATCC in Manassas, Va on the Internet. You need number and account codes that are in their databases to buy legally. We shipped some 70 shipments to them according to the Dept. of Commerce. use the freedom on Information act to see if I am right. and you can get the map and the emails they sent over the ISP connection to their Al Qaeda connection overseas. The NSC decoded them for the FBI the freedom of information act should release those too. The CIA was forwarned by the Secret Service because I talked with them myself as I was dying from the anthrax that Al Qaeda threw in my face. Half of my family died. All the old people die when you use anthrax; that is why Atta was so suicidal in fulfilling his prophecy from Mohammad. He was reading the Koran wrong and commited suicide with our airplanes.

Mr. Charrington 01.24.09 at 2:51 am

You have a lot of people now disagreeing with you, some of them are even CIA. Atta is still alive in Saudi. I don’t know who you are but your story isn’t matching what everyone else is finding out about 9/11 in recent days. Put the bong down.

Belia Kniefel 09.02.11 at 5:59 pm

A press release from the Alaska State Troopers proudly unveiled the results of a three-year(Determined that the odor of Kush may be associated with the presence of Kush, ) study which, not shockingly.

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