Amnesty Bill Secrets you need to know.

by Mr. Charrington on June 18, 2007

Senators are deliberately not mentioning that for the first time in this countries history all tax payers will have to pay for the lawyers for the illegal aliens and this will take legal services away from Americas poor.

Basically taking away American’s rights to help someone else that is breaking the law. This new bill would give Illegal aliens priorty over americans in poverty .

This bill would also change the law and “reduce” the fencing from 854 miles to 200 miles.

Gang members would simply “renounce” their dealings with Gangs and they would be allowed “Amnesty”.

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President Bush and Sen. Kennedy pass for political stars in our tortured times, and that is sad enough. But if we follow the course they’ve set, true tragedy awaits us. And the fault will be ours.


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