John Trudell-How does tomorrow dream (Vid)

by Mr. Charrington on March 14, 2008

I have a hard time watching videos like this. Bush’s beautiful atrocities. I don’t know how any American can hold their heads up high and say it was or is worth it. The lies to cover up the Iraq war, the hacking of the constitution, the rape of civil liberties, the truth is I’m more afraid of being attacked, abused and hated by my own government then I am of any so called terrorists.

I really thought America was over there to protect the Iraqi people from the horrors of Saddam Hussein. I hear some many people say, “there better off without Saddam”, he’s gone and now there is no more torturing, murdering, killing, the people don’t suffer anymore.

Things are 100 times worse now after American occupation. In fact there are more murders, killings, rapes, tortures, and it’s senseless. It’s a lie and insulting to think things are better in Iraq or that America is there to help the Iraqi people. If it smells like shit it probably is we don’t have to taste it to be sure. Now the current administration and select politicians will tell you it’s not shit but really a four course meal and we eat it and ask “whats for desert”?

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Mr. Michael Clifton 05.12.08 at 8:01 am

I know I’m not American well here’s who I thought could do the Job as President and Vice President of USA.

Arnold Shrawtznegger as The President Of USA and Obama as Vice President of USA.

Mr. Michael Clifton 05.12.08 at 8:03 am

The real terrorists are Mrs Jennifer Scarf of the UK Mrs Concentine of the North Yorkshire area of the UK
Mr. Duncan Chisem of the UK
Mr. Nigel Smith of the UK.

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