Restoring Habeas Corpus to America, needs your vote.

by Mr. Charrington on May 15, 2007

“The ACLU has created a website to help promote grassroots support for restoring the US Constitution. Sign the petition which will be delivered to Congress on June 26 (the one-year anniversary of the MCA’s ratification”. Sign The Petition

Giuliani Laughs at Habeas Corpus –

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Lori 05.20.07 at 12:53 am

All of you people who believe this guy have GOT to be nuts. He’s a Republican and his lips are moving…i.e., he’s lying.

When will you ever LEARN?

This man is no miracle worker, but he’d certainly like for you to BELIEVE he is. If he’s not out-right lying, he’s spewing impractical ideas that only the naive and teenagers would fall for. UNbelieveable. I really thought people were smarter.

Mr. Charrington 05.20.07 at 10:56 am

Seriously, supply us with a valid arguement? I don’t think we trust anyone in politics however, he’s not spewing the same old shit i.e. clinton, obama, all the republicans, etc..

He’s actually saying things that make sense to a lot of America. Mike Gravel is another one that is walking his talk. So really then how can you expect anyone to take you seriously if you don’t include the facts or their political track record. Both Mike Gravel and Ron Paul have a track record that actually matches their statements UNLIKE any of the other politicians running for office in 2008.

It’s not about “parties” any more Lori, both sides have screwed us badly and will continue to do so if we vote party only and not based on the facts or needs of America. Do you realize how foolish someone looks calling others stupid without actually knowing the facts?

I see two candidates I would vote for Ron Paul and Mike Gravel. The others are business as usual and will not get my vote. I want to hear more from Mike Gravel right now but so far I really like what I’m “seeing”.

FreedomWriter 05.20.07 at 2:58 pm

I wonder…what makes him a liar, Lori? Is it simply because he is a member of the Republican party? Try thinking “not your stereotypical Republican”…that’s Dr. Ron Paul.

This next election is critical to the survival of our country. I applaud people like Ron Paul who, in similar fashion to our founding fathers, are not afraid to uphold the truth regardless of ridicule or public persecution.

He is the only candidate who’s historical voting record stands up to the basis for rule of law in the U.S. as our forefathers intended – upholding the Constitution.

I say let’s keep America’s sovereignty and liberty for all Americans by casting your vote for Ron Paul!

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