Bush: Dumb Vs. Evil Debate

by Mr. Polidico on June 27, 2008

I Would Like to Pose an Argument…

It is IMPOSSIBLE to be this dumb. I’m not trying to be funny or ironical. If our country is failing this miserably, it must be on purpose. There, I said it. Now, let me explain why..

The other day it occurred to me how one decision after the next is almost always the worst possible decision our leaders could ever make. It’s not that the decisions are flawed in some way or against my own personal interests. It’s that they are literally the worst possible decisions imagineable!

I started thinking back and reminiscing about my past experiences. My thoughts were taken back to the small select few people throughout the course of my life I’ve been so fortunate to know who were either in some way mentally challenged or stunted in some way that caused them to make poor decisions.

Don’t get me wrong. I have an affinity for the innocent, challenged people of the world. I look at them like children; innocent. It’s impossible for me to feel angry or upset at someone who does something wrong or bad out of ignorance.

Some of the people who popped up in my thoughts were literally mentally retarded. Smart enough to be in the US Military, but clearly the dumbest functioning citizens in our country. No matter what they did, be it drive a HumV or wield an M-16, these people scared us all with how mindless and brainless they were. Very, very scary individuals whose decisions are like that of a dog or a child. You can see that they want to do the right thing very badly, they are just incapable of understanding what they are ‘supposed to do’ and they make mistakes all the time!

It was always sad but I always pitied people like that because they were innocent. They always had a balance too. Very dumb but very nice, something along those lines.

But, never have I seen a single ‘dumb’ person who was consistently dumb on every issue. It’s virtually impossible to be the absolute best or absolute worst at something on this grand of a scale. Dumbest in the room, yeah. Dumbest on your block, sure. Dumbest on campus? I suppose, but even by that time, it gets really hard to argue because it’s harder to track.

The dumbest Guy on Campus Argument…

Most colleges hold around 20-30K students. Somebody has to be the dumbest person there. Ha! But, who? How do you track it? By GPA? Not really, because that would include the guys who drink themselves to flat F averages. Loser is not the same as Dumb.

What about external, undocumented life challenges like the girl who is pregnant and in an abusive relationship with a drugged out, out-of-work husband who is working her ass off through college who is smart enough to be an attorney but incapable of proving it because of circumstances? She’s not dumb. Just outmatched by life.

Plus, what constitutes dumb? Bad grades? Bad decisions? Is there a test one can take? Or, maybe it depends on how much money you make? Or, how many people you make laugh? Or, how well you can play the piano? They are all important skills that require brains and, inversely, things that one can be dumb at.

Perhaps, we have to get to the core. Perhaps the ultimate test is that of survival. The dumbest of the dumb cannot even survive. They stumble and fall, not to embarrassment or to defeat, but to death and obliteration. The best example of these types of people are explained bye the Darwin Awards.

“A Darwin Award is a tongue-in-cheek honor named after evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin. Awards have been given for people who “do a service to Humanity by removing themselves from the Gene pool”, i.e., lose the ability to reproduce. It is for people who kill or, more rarely, sterilize themselves accidentally by attempting to do stupid feats. As described in the Darwin Award books: The Awards honour people who ensure the long-term survival of the human race by removing themselves from the gene pool in a sublimely idiotic fashion.”

This may be the true definition of dumb. So, lets use this as a base for the argument. It’s virtually impossible to be the dumbest of the dumb and survive.

Now, we can look at the current administration and see that there is a collapse happening all around them. They do appear as if they could win the ultimate Darwin Award someday soon for not only removing themselves from the gene pool, but for removing the rest of America from the gene pool along with them.

But, that’s not my argument. I’m not arguing that the Bush Administration is stupid. I’m arguing something else entirely.

Take a look at the winners of the Darwin awards and tell me how many of the winners throughout time have been highly educated people. How many were rich? How many were organized, government leaders with think tanks supporting their every decision? My argument is that if someone were dumb, that’s one thing. Really, really dumb? That’s still the same thing.

My argument is that in order for the Bush Administration to destroy America this fast and consistently make the worst decisions imaginable, they must either collectively be the dumbest group of people ever or they must be very smart people who are on a mission to achieve a very specific goal.

It is very unlikely that they are a collective group of morons. After all, they are predominantly ivy league graduates. They generally come from backgrounds with way more support and much more opportunity than most. People in these types of environments tend to thrive and become exceptionally successful people. Not dumb, ignorant losers that destroy everything in their paths, accidentally.

For the most powerful group of people on the planet to be this destructive, they MUST be doing it on purpose. They MUST be purposefully and systematically destroying our country. Is this not fair to say? Is it not logical?

I know my argument is not 100% without holes. I could write a 500 page book on the subject and still there may be holes. But, I think my basic argument is sound.

The highest form of our government is intended to consist of the smartest, most capable people with the highest moral character and most integrity. For this group to fail is unlikely. With this collection of minds, it should be almost impossible to do less than 99% on any challenge. Their resources are phenomenal and endless. Their collective brain power is incredible.

Yet, this group has destroyed our foreign relations and brought us months or even weeks or days from a war that could lead us into WWIII, a nuclear war, mind you. The rest of the world either pities us or hates us. We are inches away from total economic collapse. The core of our constitution has been rewritten to allow room for a dictatorship. Our basic rights have been stripped away from us. Several of the most respected congressmen in our country who have run for office have argued vehemently that our country is at its end and ready to collapse – that it’s happening right in front of our eyes.

People have listened but the big business owned media has strategically silenced the voice of these respected leaders and manipulated the outcome with carefully crafted debates and sneaky, underhanded practices intended to undermine the election processes. Elections have been rigged. Voting in this country is a joke. The stability of our nation has not only been damaged, but virtually destroyed from the inside out.

I challenge anyone to debate this in the comments.


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