Obama Is Going To Pay For My Gas And Mortgage!!!

by Mr. Charrington on November 5, 2008

Does anyone here really believe that Obama is going to change anything? Not that I support McInsane either. But when will people ever get it? They have you rooting for Blue vs Red, Black vs White.. suckers, one and all of you if you actually believe there is “True Peace and Security” on the way.

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Mr. Charrington 11.05.08 at 4:52 pm


RD 11.09.08 at 7:44 am

Oh My Goodness, can’t these sheelpe see that the reason Yo’mama was “made” prez. It is Bcuz he is the perfect stooge. I believe the people were just about to uprise, a much needed revolution was going to happen and now a half white, half black messiah [sheep in wolfs clothing] will shepard in the restless flock for a Zionist-Jew one world government agenda. The world financiers have out maneuvered their chattel once again. Wake-up sleepy heads! People like this woman have me LMFAO. There is no historical moment here other then “we the people” have been hoodwinked AGAIN!!! and this time by a u-no-what. Honestly I cannot even look at him and take him seriously as a leader. Anyone else notice how his speech technique changed from politician to preacher. He sounded like he was preaching from the pulpit. His dialect and cadence became “blacker” as the days progressed. The poor and middle class, blacks and whites respectively are going to follow this guy [sell their souls to the devil] thinking he is the answer to their prayers.
The people who voted for Obama based on colour or class in hopes for change will soon see he is not a champion of the people but rather a puppet for the world financiers. Have a nice day

MattyC 11.11.08 at 6:12 pm

I dont think these sheeple quite get the bigger picture. THE HOLOCAUST HAPPENED TO PEOPLE LIKE US. FEMA orderd 102,000 train cars with hand and feet shackles. There are death camps being built all over the country and have been since 1996!!! The NWO is gearing up for the collapse of the US dollar. I dont know about you but when they stage some anamoly and declare martial law I’m fighting back. WE NEED MORE MILITIA resist the New World Order. Buy your firearms while you still can. WAKE UP AND DO THE RESEARCH… the media is controlled!!
LOOK UP bill HR 1955, patriot act oh my god they are shredding the CONSTITUTION. dont believe the main stream MEDIA do the research and FIGHT IT WHEN THE TIME COMES.

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