Scalding Open Letter to Clinton and Obama.

by Mr. Charrington on March 12, 2008

33 Senators Voted Against English as America’s Official Language on June 6, 2007.

On Wed, June 6, 2007 Colonel Harry Riley, USA, Ret, wrote:


Your vote against an amendment to the immigration Bill 1348 to make English America’s official language is astounding.

On D-Day, no less, when we honor those that sacrificed in order to secure the bedrock, character and principles of America, I can only surmise your vote reflects a loyalty to illegal aliens.

I don’t much care where you come from. What your religion is. Whether you’re black, white, or some other color… male or female… Democrat, Republican, or Independent. But I do care when you are a United States Senator representing Citizens of America… and Vote against English as the official language of the United States.

Your vote reflects Betrayal.

Political Surrender. Violates Your Pledge of Allegiance. Dishonors historical principle. Rejects Patriotism. Borders on traitorous action and, in my opinion, makes you unfit to serve as a United States Senator… Impeachment… Recall… or other appropriate action is warranted or worse.

Four of you voting against English as America’s Official Language are Presidential Candidates: Senator Biden, Senator Clinton, Senator Dodd and Senator Obama.

Four Senators vying to lead America, but won’t or don’t have the courage to cast a vote in favor of “English” as America’s Official Language when 91% of American Citizens want English officially designated as our language.

This is the second time in the last several months these Senators have disgraced themselves as “political hacks”… unworthy as Senators and certainly unqualified to serve as President of the United States.

If America is as angry as I am, you will realize a backlash so stunning it will literally “rock you out of your panties”… and preferably totally out of the United States Senate.

The entire immigration bill is a farce… Your action only confirms this really isn’t about America… is about self-serving politics…… despicable at best.

It has been said:

“Never Argue with an Idiot…. They’ll drag you down to their level!”

The following Senators voted against making English the official language of America:

  • Akaka (D-HI)
  • Bayh (D-IN)
  • Biden (D-DE) (Wants to be President)
  • Bingaman (D-NM)
  • Boxer (D-CA)
  • Cantwell (D-WA)
  • Clinton (D-NY) (Wants to be President)
  • Dayton (D-MN)
  • Dodd ( D- MN) (Wants to be president)
  • Domenici (R-NM) (Coward? Protecting his senate seat?)
  • Durbin (D-IL)
  • Feingold (D-win) – (Not unusual for him)
  • Feinstein (D-ca)
  • Harkin (D-IA)
  • Inouye (D-hi)
  • Jeffords (I-VT)
  • Kennedy – (D-ma)
  • Kerry (D-ma) (tried to be president)
  • Kohl (D-WI)
  • Lautenberg (D-NJ)
  • Leahy (D-VT)
  • Levin (D-MI)
  • Lieberman (I-CT) (What a surprise *cough*)
  • Menendez (D-NJ)
  • Mikulski (D-MD)
  • Murray (D-WA)
  • Obama (D-IL) (Wants to be President)
  • Reed (D-RI)
  • Reid (D-NV) (Senate Majority Leader)
  • As Lazar (D-CO)
  • Sarbanes (D-MD)
  • Schumer (D-NY)
  • Stabenow (D-M)

“Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hanged.”



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charrington 03.12.08 at 3:49 pm


Mo Nelal 03.13.08 at 1:48 am

This is a fiercely stupid rant full of bombast and jingoism that rivals the Know Nothings of the 19th C. During the early 20th Century when there was also a significant opposition to immigrants and immigration, Congress easily passed bills to make English compulsory for all immigrants permitted into the country, which its sponsors & supporters knew would bar 90% of immigrants as a backdoor way to close the golden doors as R. Reagan referred to immigration policy.

Read Reagan’s famous farewell speech to the nation, where he explicitly supports immigration across the southern border for large numbers of workers., and warns the nation to fight the then initial undercurrant of anti-immigration that began to once again take root in his own party)

There was also a strong movement to make English the official language that Congress also easilty passed. Teddy Roosevelt opposed both laws and when his side lost he vetoed the bills.

They were passed again by Congress and Woodrow Wilson vetoed them also, finally after Hoover vetoed similar legislation it remained, this jingoism did not raise its ungly head, until the John Birch Society urged its passage in the 70s & 80s.

It’s such an unnecessary idea, it is a silly diversion, because English is neither weak nor threatened anywhere thoughout the world. but esp not in the U.S. It is compulsory in most schools in the EU as well most Middle European countries. English is compulsory in Japan, China & India (where it is used in all the university classes) as well as in most North African countries.

Further, because it is recognized by all countries that English has become the lingua franca of business, science, technology, arts,all airlines, it has never been stronger and it is by far the most popular language in the schools of Latin America, as elsewhere.

The fact is, English has become so popular throughout the world, it is threatening many other languages that are dying out at an alarming rate, to the tune of an estimated 20 languages a year for the last 2 decades & accelerating.

The U.S.(& other 1st world countries) should be helping many countries preserve these languages threatened by extinction. After all, there are the single most cerebral achievement of mankind, the engine of the human brain’s evolution.
They are the patrimony of all mankind and it is an enormous tragedy to lose them.
We have nothing to fear by Spanish being spoken, as it is drawfed by the immensity of English’s domination in the American culture.

What we really should be fighting for is for the greater enrollment by schools to the requirements of obligatory foreign languages for all Americans. We should be encouraging more people in the USA to learn Spanish from kindergarten upwards as Englishm French and German is required in Holland, Belguim, Germany, the Scandanvian countries, to name but a few.

The speaking of the native language by emigrees is the same in all countries. The older the person the less likely they will learn to speak the language of their desination country. The second generation always learns the language and unfortunately supress their language of birth in the 3rd generation because of the disdain & disadvantages of being perceived as foreignors and that language is lost for most of the descendents. In the 19th C., there were whole towns in the U.S. that spoke German or Italian, including all of its schools and churches.

It is as difficult for an oldrr person to learn English as it is for you to leanr a foreign language. After the age of 18 it is very rare that a person will lose their accent when they learn their 2nd language, because different languages use different muscles and combinations of muscles in the mouth and throat to produce sounds, that cannot be used after 18 yrs of age.

Over 40 it is extremely hard to learn a foreign language altogether, as the brain has much less capacity to remember and retain things as it has already reached its full developement with the last closure of skulls’sutures that made the plates of the skull able to grow with the maturation of the brain. In effect, it is downhell from there on, just as there is the dimunition of sperm produced in the testes begining ~22 yrs. old.

By ~40 the skull developes ridges of bone where the plates have fused and because the vascularization of the skull has receded it begins to get lesser amounts of oxygen carried by blood circulation to the brain. Just as we are becoming figuratively and literally becoming rigid in our thinking ability and agility ossifiied, males, with no little irony as wives know, are losing their ability to get a rigid boner. O
mon Dieu.

I have never met one parent, documented or no, even a single one who did not want their kid to learn English well to get ahead in shool as in life. Of all the problems in the U.S. it is a waste of your time to fear English is in any way, shape or form threatend by a 2nd language. So relax, enjoy life & quit agitating yourself with screaming betrayer and traitor etc. as if you are the patriot. You can enjoy the rich and vairied Mexican food and their wonderful, beautiful music and dancing. Viva la vida! –mo

By ~40 the skull developes ridges where the plates have fused and because the vascularization of the skull has receded

FreedomWriter 03.13.08 at 9:36 am


Thank you for all the scientific information regarding human behavior and our capacity for learning.

I think you may have missed the point of Colonel Riley’s speech.

You have given all the reasons why English should (and is) being taught in many other countries around the world and completely ignored that what the Colonel was addressing is the reluctance of our some in our own government to make English the “official” language of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

What other countries choose to do with the teachings of English is purely an issue for those countries. But, I do challenge you on this point, show me any of those foreign-speaking countries who’s government has voted for English to become THEIR “official” language!

You state:
“I have never met one parent, documented or no, even a single one who did not want their kid to learn English well to get ahead in shool as in life.”

Are you an educator, Mo? Well, I am….and this is a naive observation. I can tell you that I have met MANY people in other countries (primarily Latin American countries surprisingly enough) who have no desire to learn English and (*gasp*) they lead healthy, prosperous lives. I’ve even met a few immigrant families who’s children are enrolled in my school district who would be completely happy continuing to speak their native language…as long as we continued to foot the bill for the resources. :)

True…maybe this whole issue originated during the Roosevelt administration as a shrewd attempt to restrict immigrants from entering the country. Well obviously that didn’t happen! But, what the Colonel’s letter points out to me is, if these Senators are not willing to make the language of their own country the “official” language then what else are they “not” willing to preserve when it comes to the rights of Americans? They should be taking a STAND and making it known that ENGLISH is the OFFICIAL language of record in THIS country. Then yes, in education, we can provide a full-range of other languages for children to learn…in the same way those “other” countries are doing with English in their own schools.

Also since your post seems to focus primarily on Spanish and it’s place in America let me point out to you that, by all estimates, in 20 years Hispanics will be the majority population of this country.

So are you suggesting that in preparation for that we make a move towards Spanish being the official language of the U.S.? No thanks!! (although in some states like California and Texas they probably feel like it already is)

And yes, I am of the belief that if this country is so attractive/inviting that you CHOOSE to move here…learn the language! (other countries expect the same of American immigrants)

If not..GO HOME.

shirely overton 07.01.08 at 5:34 am

I can’t believe 33 of our Senators voted against having English as the nation’s language. What language do they want? Spanish, Korean, Chinese, French etc. My grandfather came to America from Helsinki, Finland, years ago. He once told my mom “I had to learn English, no one spoke to him if he didn’t speak English.”
He wanted to be an American, so he learned English, married and raised a family to speak English, even though he had a tough time learning the language himself.
I’m proud to say my ancestors came from Europe to make a life in America. But I am, and have always been, an American who speaks English. If our Senators won’t stand up for this country, they don’t stand up for me.
Obama wasn’t getting my vote, now I know he is not the right candidate.
Thank you

christian pagan 07.13.08 at 2:00 pm

The legislation was a diversionary tactic by Republican thugs aimed at whipping up knee-jerk patriotic sentiment prior to an election. Please observe the emotion that wells up inside, inadvertently, at the premise of this email – the implication that Americans might be forced to speak another language, say Spanish or Arabic, causes a mixture of indignation, righteousness, pride, and fear to well up in the throat – just the kind of lizard brain, gut reaction that fuels the election of nationalistic fascistic corporate religious power mongers like Dick Cheney. These are men whose core mission is the exploitation our world by the machinery of the impossibly wealthy, and they are proudly placed in office by the poorest, most exploited people in this country thanks to fear tactics exactly like this one.

The actual legislation – Declaring English as our National Language – accomplishes nothing constructive. It only makes it more difficult for non English speakers to assimilate into our culture, while pushing a damaging political agenda forward.

Notice that English has remained our common language for centuries, in spite of waves of immigration that has defined our identity as Americans. You and I are Dutch and Italian, but we can’t speak Dutch or German or Italian. The perception that English is in danger is an illusion. (I do think that if they passed legislation that required Americans to speak English with a common ACCENT, then that would properly frame this debate, as there are certain parts of this country that whose clear English is unintelligible to other parts.) Immigrants want to learn English. Their children inevitably do learn English, and always have. Which is why they attend schools where the common language is English. In academics we have a practical solution to the language question, and it’s been the solution for years without inflamatory legislation to force it along.

The main practical result of this legislation will not be to “protect the integrity of our Christian Nation and it’s God given language’ – or some such nonsense, it will be to make it impossible to require that services like health care and the drivers license registration, and the various other forms, licenses, taxes and etc that we require for legal participation in our system of law, be published in other languages. It is already very difficult for new immigrants to participate in our society. It’s hard for any adult to learn a second language, and more so in addition to working constantly and managing the impoverished conditions that they find themselves in more often than not. The message of legislation like this to people who hope to come and thrive here, and to those already here, is that you’re not wanted, move along.

The result will be more disenfranchised immigrants, with less sympathetic feeling towards their adopted nation, and a greater ideological gap between the wealthy and established and the poor and aspiring. People will still come here, but more than ever because they want money or things, and less because they want to opportunity to participate in our system. And, as you well know, disenfranchised populations increasingly participate in shadow economies and black markets, which in turn feed crime, prostitution, poverty, drug trade, and terrorism. The long term political payoff comes from middle class anxiety which helps elect Republicans as well as fund police, security, various wars against different perceived threats with associated machinery, production, etc.

In other words, the corporate powers are using disenfranchisement and fear to fuel their production cycles – sound familiar? It should, it’s the reason we’re in a manufactured war in Iraq on trumped up charges. It’s the method that the greedy and immoral have devised to keep Americans in a constant state of disorder and confusion. These are the powers that believe that the only sustainable and profitable economy is one that revolves around a constant state of war. If you don’t believe me, then take a good look at our current state of affairs. We’re living in the outline of that kind of world view already, and it’s only begun to hurt as much as it could.

The immediate payoff for such legislation is of course to provoke the public, and play on its fears, and to scare up votes. Read the comments on this topic in the blogosphere: “How could the Democrats VOTE this way? Don’t they LOVE American? I have ALWAYS loved America. Land where my Father died. God BLESS America. Home of the FREE. And the BRAVE.” It’s called a hot button topic when it instantly gets everyone’s attention, and is instantly framed as a referendum of whether a politician loves this country or not in the most childish terms, instead of whether he or she is a pragmatic leader engaging in practical legislating. In other words, grandstanding and depending on the trusting but ignorant public not to see things clearly until after you’ve got em in the bag. This is the repugnant method of the Republican party of recent years.

Meanwhile the US looks ever more xenophobic to the rest of the world. Every civilized nation besides the US is bilingual at the very least. They have their own languages AND teach English. We continue to stagnate to run the hamster wheel of overconsumption and overstimulation, never daring to question our own prejudices, or the policies that allow us to enjoy an unprecedented opulence in the history of the planet. Meanwhile, our hegemony is unsustainable and soon it will be time to pay the piper. If we’re smart we’ll put aside these unsavory nationalistic postures and invest in our locality by being politically engaged, and we’ll make our judgments according to the logic of expanding global awareness instead of the narrow minded smears of political vipers.

John 07.13.16 at 3:12 pm

A nation needs cohesion rather than Balkanization. The most fundamental factor in cohesion is a common language. Unless we want to become an endlessly divided nation, with politicians pandering to this or that identity group, it would be insane not to have a commonly agreed upon language.

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