Vote Stealing Reported in Houston Texas (vid)

by Mr. Charrington on March 5, 2008

A local news station is reporting on an investigation that has been launched into vote stealing in south east Houston (a voting area that heavily favors Obama). Someone feels they need to commit a crime in order to win a state? My guess would be since it’s Obama country that the culprit would be his opposition. I’d also imagine that whom ever was responsible for this crime would have to distance themselves from this crime so as to not call attention to themselves. Lets call them rogues. These rogues have taken it upon themselves to help Obama’s opposition and there is in no way any connection with the oppositions political camp. Shouldn’t there be at the very least a recount?

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FreedomWriter 03.05.08 at 12:06 pm

When you’ve pulled out all the stops, broadcast fear-inducing TV ads, and are still behind in the delegate count…what’s your next move? Steal votes from the one group of people who deserve respect more than any other–our Senior Citizens. I sincerely hope this is fully investigated, votes corrected, and the culprits brought to justice!

David 03.07.08 at 7:06 pm

Americans dumbed down into a stupor
big police jump and stomp on old ladies.
Your worse nightmares pale by comparison to what is coming to America .
you will lose the constitution the bill of rights in it’s place you will get Canadian laws to harmonize the North American Union.
America is finished it is on it’s last legs.
Americans are so dumbed down they can no longer
rule themselves they are now in the way of the one world govt. America will be stomped to death to make way for the one world govt.
Yet Americans continue their daily routines as if all is normal,as if this was 1950.
Americans failed to move when they Murdered
JFK. Since that time have had only criminals for presidents .the results of which are evident today,America has been raped looted and gutted.Now the criminals are in the process of killing America to make way for the one world govt. under the auspices of the UN.In America today everything is broken,Even the people lurch from crisis to crisis.
America’s backbone has been broken from an enemy from within,Yet Americans do not riot,because they huddle in their basements.They know something is happening but are at a loss to figure out what it is.They are literally in a stupor.

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