Ron Paul Calling for A “Peaceful Revolution” (Must Watch)

by Mr. Charrington on June 17, 2008

 Ron Paul untangles the Neo-Con mind fuck in one all out, major call to patriots for revolution. Thats a scary thought. People in our own government fighting to warn us, make us stand up with them – time as come ..

Excellent video
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Rett Morgan Adair 08.04.08 at 5:25 am

He sounds serious…but dare he be? I wasn’t afraid of much in my youth…ahhhh, 35 years ago, and at 59, the more I know, the more I fear. Rather than use the obvious clesha, I say to look befor crossing the fat “cat” who signs the check that feeds the kids… and..And go in force, a large organised force, not for personal gain but for the simple reason that you will not have to be afraid because pain suffered for a good cause is well served. I will not give liberty for sake of gaining “security”, rather to now look for a way to use this: I’ve lost enough over propaganda that government panders in unchallenged &*^*, time for us, we as AMERICAN’S to stand up to tearany in government…you will probably find many others in many governments as well, I’ve watch others lose a member of family…no one is amuion to pain,
Yes I’m old now and full of pain from cancer, but gladly will serve the flag and cause

Morgan wasilla ak.

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