CNN and YouTube Co-Sponsor Presidential Debate

by Mr. Polidico on June 15, 2007

CNN’s Andersen Cooper and YouTube host 1st of it’s kind, co-sponsored Presidential Debate where Internet users pose their own questions to the candidates.

YouTube Preview Image

See current YouTube User submitted questions here: CNN/YouTube Debates

This could get interesting…

The real test: Will Ron Paul be given his appropriate time in the spotlight or will CNN continue to downplay his popularity? The same question will stand for other’s such as Mike Gravel from the side of the Democrats.

Last month, when CNN unfairly failed to include Ron Paul in their polling to determine debate winners, users of social sites like and made themselves known by strongly protesting on the CNN website.

This time, considering the online “neighborhood” of the debates, manipulating the viewer perception may be more difficult. Still, don’t be surprised if things are still weighted to benefit certain candidates.

The topic of media manipulation of viewer perception has grown into a very large concern with most grass roots supporters.

But, for now, lets concentrate on getting out there and asking the tough questions that CNN and ABC refuse to ask.

Think Net Neutrality, 911, Guantanamo Bay, Socialized Health Care, the real threat of Nuclear War and all your own creative questions waiting to be answered. We all know many important issues tend to get downplayed or ignored altogether during most televised debates. Lets see how much different the American People will act when put in the driver’s seat!

Hopefully the candid bunch at Digg and Reddit will step up and take action like they usually do.


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Big Brother 06.15.07 at 6:27 am

Are you looking at the video responses? These are some really weird people :-) I hope some good questions get asked in the right way. The only excuse they have for not posing a good question is if it’s asked wrong. So far, I don’t really see a single question that sounds good enough to be picked for the actual debate.

IMO, questions should be short & to the point (15-30 seconds max), on serious topic, non-preechy and you should make an effort to NOT look like a freak.

Good luck. 90% of YouTubers ARE freaks. And, have you seen the comments on that place? Embarassing.

FreedomWriter 06.15.07 at 12:30 pm

Personally (selfishly) I would LOVE to see questions asked of the candidates about the proposed reform of the Social Security Fairness Act to eliminate the WEP/GPO.

I bet the majority of the “top tier” candidates wouldn’t even know how to answer although it dramatically affects the retirement benefits of at least one-third of America’s teachers and hundreds upon thousands of other public employees like police and firefighters!!

I teach in a state where we are losing droves of quality teachers each year thanks to this provision and, worse yet, college graduates are choosing not to go into teaching. Currently, I must make the choice -continue the job I love as a teacher and when I retire my Social Security benefits will be SLASHED even though I worked for many years in the corporate world and would be due full SS benefits. Or…leave teaching and go back into a job that pays into Social Security.

Our leaders preach “No Child Left Behind” while they sit idly by leaving those who are responsible for educating children behind.

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