Mike Gravel Makes the Other Democratic Candidates Very Uncomfortable

by Mr. Charrington on June 7, 2007

“We have killed more Americans [during the Iraq war] then were killed on Sept 11th. More Americans died because of [these candidates'] decisions and this disqualifies them from being president, not because they are bad people but because they lack moral judgment”

~ Mike Gravel

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Talking about Gas Pricing … tells it like it is.

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Mr. Charrington 06.07.07 at 11:17 pm

Another knockout blow from Gravel. Awesome answers in spite of him getting less time than the other candidates.

Patricia McCauley 12.27.08 at 6:43 pm

I wish Mr. Gravel, Mr. Kucinich and Mr. Paul could have won our presidency as a 3-some. Gravel and Kucinich would work to keep Mr. Paul from going too far right, but I think the 3 of them would have made a great presidency. Mr. Obama, I’m glad he won out of him and Mr. McCain, but my original choices for president would have been 1)Mr. Kucinich, 2) Mr. Gravel, 3)Mr. Paul. The other Democrats, although I like all of them, I don’t think any of them would make the choices that need to be made. But, we have Mr. Obama and hopefully, he will do the things he has said he would do, close Gitmo, start us on the path to environmentally friendly laws and policies and jobs, straighten out the financial mess that has been done to our economy, etc. Hopefully, he will do those things in a progressive way, but his choices for his cabinet, does not include any really progressive people. So I am worried, althought I like the fact that we will have our first black president and hopefully, he can restore some of our prestige that Mr. Bush so thoughtlessly trashed. I was so bumbed by the debates, b/c the moderators did not ask all the right questions, such as “what about restoring our right to habeus corpus, what about FISA and the president’s snooping on American phone calls and e-mails, what about starting non-need wars,etc. I am so bumbed out because these issues are still not being discussed and debated and changed,the Dems are not talking about regulating our financial markets, Obama is not either, at least not strongly enough. Mr.Obama has chosed some of the same financial people that got us in this financial mess in the first place and I don’t know if he can, simply by strength of personality, MAKE them make the right choices for America. I’m kinda skeptical. Anyway, I know no one will read this b/c it is so far behind what is happening now, but I had to get it off my chest.

charrington 12.27.08 at 7:18 pm

We read every post .. good thoughts you have. Too bad it’s not that way. We have a presidents chosen for us now.

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