Ron Paul finishes 5th in “Ames Straw Poll”

by Mr. Charrington on August 12, 2007

Not bad for a candidate thats never been there before and considering that 14,203 ballots were cast in this event. It becomes even more interesting when you consider that Democratic hopefuls like Obama polled better then Republican John McCain.

Lets not forget that Romney spent 4 million dollars and several hundred rabbit pelts on this event. Did I mention there was a Voting Machine Malfunction that delayed the voting while they recounted 4500 ballots?


1. Mitt Romney with 4516 votes, or 31%.
2. Mike Huckabee with 2587 votes at 18.1%
3. Sam Brownback with 2192 votes and 15.3%
4. Tom Tancredo with 1961 votes, 13.7%.
5. Ron Paul with 1305 votes, and 9.1%.
6. Tommy Thompson with 1,039 votes, 7.3%
7. Fred Thompson with 203 votes.
8. Rudy Guiliani with 183 votes.
9. Duncan Hunter with 174 votes.
10. John McCain with 101 votes.
11. John Cox with 41 votes (total number of family members).


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