The Very Dead Osama Bin Laden to release New Video on self resurrection!

by Mr. Charrington on December 31, 2007

Just days after the assassination of Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto a BBC T.V. interview surfaced. In this interview Benazir Bhutto states clearly that Osama Bin Laden was “murdered” by someone she and the General Musharraf knew. She didn’t say possibly or “rumored” and she said it as if everyone knew this already as if it was a well known fact. Did anyone stop and correct her mistake when she said this? No, they just kept rolling along as if they too knew of this fact or maybe they just didn’t want to call any more attention to it.

Today in the local rag I saw an article that said “Bin Laden warns Sunnis, threatens Israel” and I wondered if this nub or anyone else in the media took the time to start asking why a world leader stated with full conviction that “Osama Bin Laden is dead” and that he was “Murdered” by Omar Sheik. In the same news paper I also read another article that said “Can Web rumors decide election?”

In this article the crafty writer stated that Americans have the “sense to ignore the outrageous bloggers” and criticized how “hack” and unprofessional bloggers are, “a wellspring of innuendo”. So much mention of the up coming election was put into this article that it was beyond obvious to me that this person was worried that possibly someone was getting a lot of attention on the web he felt didn’t deserve it and possibly is worried that bloggers are getting read more then his employers paper was. Funny that the media would have the sack to say they, the “professionals” should be the trusted source for all our information when they miss the most important information to hit the world in years — or did they?

Personally, in my experience the Media is no less bullshit then anything you see on Internet Blogs and many times Open Source News is far more accurate then the personalized misinformation contrived by bias news networks employees living in fear of losing their paycheck to Open Source News.

I too hope Americans have the sense enough to see for themselves fact from fiction –

I’m waiting as I know a lot of you are for what and who will address the statements in video below. I also can’t wait for Osama’s next killer threat to America video from beyond the grave!

I’m taking bets that it will be passed off as a simple mistake on her part and that the interviewer just didn’t want to correct Bhutto in front of viewers? Of course that reporter will forever be marked an idiot or have to claim that he was in shock after her statements that he couldn’t respond to it? Whats your guess? One thing is for sure the Media will have an answer that easily dismisses her very pointed statements in the face of logic to the contrary. I can’t wait to hear their spin . The BBC has completely cut that comment out of the version their currently showing at their siteBBC Version after their editing out Osama Bin Laden’s Murder

YouTube Preview Image

Below is the BBC’s doctored version currently playing at their site:
BBC Version after their editing out Osama Bin Laden’s Murder


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Horus Isis 11.16.08 at 12:46 pm

Osama is DEAD! Too many articles about it. Why can’t the media tell us? MONEY. That’s why. And scare tatics. Without the boogieman? No more “inside jobs”.
Next election? The republicrats are through.

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