Serious Health Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

by Mr. Charrington on May 31, 2008

100% of all farm animals offered a choice between genetically altered feed and natural feed will “avoid” the genetically altered food and will not eat it. Rats wont eat genetically modified tomatoes. So the FDA force fed the rats the tomatoes. The outcome: all rats in the study developed lesions. 7 of the 40 rats died, they replaced the 7 rats and approved the genetically modified tomatoes.

~Jeffery M. Smith

Seeds of Deception

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john doe 06.01.08 at 9:18 am

You need to bring up the topic of genetic drift, how the BT gene is showing up in wild plants next to the soybean and corn fields. This poses a serious problem, perhaps the extinction of the butterfly. Once the gene is in, there are no provisions for removing it, that is a serious flaw in the whole concept of GM foods, there is no “vaccine” for genes gone wild…

Charrington 06.01.08 at 7:47 pm

This just gets worse every day…

Lydia Fyodorova 06.03.08 at 5:00 pm

How can a “food” classified as a “pesticide”, and therefore, eligible for a “patent”, be healthy for ANY living being?

It is indeed frightening, the thought that this “PESTICIDE GENE” can enter other plants through drift and cross-pollination, thereby endangering butterflies, bees, and other pollinating insects — Not to mention, hummingbirds. Insects are also part of the food chain for birds … This is a nightmare scenario.

Already we have a problem with bees, literally, “Disappearing”! They pollinate 80% of our food crops. WIthout them, there is no harvest!

MONSANTO SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY – as should all those who are complicit in their crimes!

Charrington 06.03.08 at 11:56 pm

I don’t think people realize how dangerous this really is and that it WILL affect them whether or not the realize it.

Scary part is the FDA is just as corrupt as any other dept. in our government. A once great country over run by cooks and liars.

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