Shark Navigator Lift Away Vacuum

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Shark Navigator Lift Sway Vacuum Cleaner Review

Euro-Pro are responsible for bringing to the market the Shark Navigator Lift Away cleaner. It has been well received by those looking for a good upright canister vacuum that is not too expensive and is good for those with allergies. It also comes with a very nice 5 year warranty, longer than many manufactures offer.

Shark NV350

The Shark Navigator Lift Away is also known as the Shark NV350 and uses effective cyclonic suction with a 10 amp motor that powers it. This cyclonic suction works because by spinning the air at such a high speed it lifts up debris and dust very easily depositing into the dust cup. Because a lot of that debris is away from the filters suction is never compromised with clogging. Often you will read the term ‘no-loss of suction’ technology and this is what it means.

Consumers who have bought this vacuum cleaner report mostly satisfactory or higher in their use of the Shark Navigator Lift Away. They praised how powerful the suction is, the fact that it is light weight and how long its power cord is, making cleaning easier as there is less need for finding a new power outlet as you move around the house. A lot also appreciate the washable lifetime filters as this means money is saved having to get replacements. The criticisms some had though was that the dust cup is not big enough which means frequent emptying interrupting the cleaning process and the attachments do not all have a place on the cleaner and have to be stored elsewhere.

The Lift Away NV350 is effective on both carpets and hard floors because of the motorized brushbar that can be controlled by the user, turn it on for carpets and off for hard surfaces. It also comes with a maneuverable swivel nozzle. It has a HEPA filtration sealed system which is the highest level you can get in cleaners. It ensures 99.97% of particles are gathered and that they do not escape. Particles of allergens, pet dander or dust as small as 0.3 microns or larger will be vacuumed up, and will not leak out of filters or cracks in the machine. It is not often you find this system in cleaners that cost less than $200. The British Allergy Foundation has certified the Shark Navigator Lift Away. If the Lift Away is not what you are looking for, check out the Shark Navigator swivel plus.

While the canister may be small in capacity it is easy to empty. The power nozzle is wide at 111/4 inches and the power cord is nice and long at 30 feet. It is light so any consumer can use it, even the frail or those with weaker hands and wrists, weighing just 12.8 pounds. This makes it easy to carry too up and down the stairs. There are several attachments that come with the Lift Away such as a crevice tool, turbo brush for pet hair (also good for upholstery cleaning and stairs), dusting brush, nozzle for bare floors, a stretch hose and holder for accessory tools.


The canister is detachable so you can take the handle and canister away from the rest of the machine making it easier to clean things other than floors, furniture, stairs, cobwebs up above, under beds and such. Its dimensions are 45 H x 11.4 W x 12.4 L. The reviews and ratings for the Shark Navigator Lift Away are positive and it is a popular vacuum cleaner on sites online like Amazon. The tools, features, good suction, HEPA filtration and good price make it a very desirable vacuum cleaner, especially with that long warranty. Just hope you like Lavender as that is all it comes in!

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