Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Vacuum Review

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Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Vacuum Cleaner Review

One of Shark’s popular models currently on the market is the Shark Navigator Swivel Plus, NV46. It comes with the technology that Shark promises means the cleaner ‘never loses suction’ as well as several cleaning accessories and tools from something to reach into small spaces, something to dust furniture with to something to help with pet hair. It is an upright vacuum cleaner that performs well on both carpeted floors and bare floors. The Shark Navigator Swivel Plus is much like the Navigator Lift Away Professional but does not have the canister part built in. So if you do not need that, this is a good alternative.

The Shark Navigator Swivel Plus is a durable vacuum cleaner that comes with a good sized dust cup so there is no need to buy bags, just empty it when it is full. Users have excellent control and maneuverability with its excellent swivel steering. It is easy to go around and under furniture with this vacuum and it is lightweight too. It also comes with a wand that is longer than many and allows you to clean high to reach areas. It is on board the cleaner and is easy to attach when you need it, then store it back on. It not only easy to handle it is also easy to transport, move up and down stairs and so on.

Tools that come with it include a crevice tool, great for reaching into areas like the back of the couch, a pet upholstery tool to take care of your cat or dogs hair around the home, and a dusting brush so instead of having several cleaning items you can dust at the same time you vacuum. It also has a top quality motorized brush roll that you can control. Off is good for cleaning hard floors, on to reach into the carpet fibers and clean rugs and carpeted areas. Most consumers say it is effective on both types. The brush roll does not have separate settings for different carpet heights but consumers say it is still good on different carpet pile depths.

Maintaining and cleaning it

Cleaning and taking care of the Shark Navigator Swivel Plus is quite a simple and easy process. The dirt cup is easy to empty, push a latch holding it over a bin and the debris will fall out and the cup will empty. Sometimes it is true that debris can become stuck in there, like wads of hair. In this case you will have to reach in with your hand to remove it, consumers say this is preferable to the mess of replacing and changing bags, and that added ongoing expense.

Taking care of pet hair

This is not advertized as a vacuum for pet hair specifically but both the Shark Navigator Swivel and the Shark Navigator Swivel Plus are effective at picking up pet hair. Even consumers who claim to be quite meticulous about their cleaning say they are happy with its performance and another even uses it to pick up people’s hair in her hair salon. The turbo brush it comes with gets into the soft furnishings and furniture and gets the pet hair off. A lot of low priced vacuum cleaners are not this effective when it comes to pet hair.


For people on the market for a good, effective basic vacuum cleaner that comes with some useful tools, the Shark Navigator Swivel Plus is a great option. It does not come with lots of extras or features but it is budgeted for less as a result and is still a good option if you like bagless upright vacuum cleaners.

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