1620 Felons Recruited & Serving in the U.S. Army in 2007″

by Mr. Charrington on January 20, 2008

Hard core video here folks not comfortable to watch, thats your warning. Perhaps you may not want to watch this one at all, it’s not what we like to see or hear. I talked to the makers of the video because of the ending and they said they wanted it to make others think “when will we learn” and bring the troops home”. It failed to come across that way and looks very anti American.

On the other side of the coin, is it any wonder why this shit war is going the direction it is? The BBC articles point out some very interesting facts about criminals being recruited in the U.S. Military. Not that people haven’t been given the choice of Jail and Military for ten’s of years, maybe this practice has been happening longer I don’t know. What it does tell us is the effect it’s having on the Military and it’s results in this war on terror.

The BBC reports, 824 Felons were allowed to sign up in 2004 and 1605 in 2006 under the moral waivers scheme. The study also showed Almost 59,000 drug abusers entered the military in the same time period.

BBC Article 1
BBC Article 2

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