Is John McCain Sane?

by Mr. Charrington on January 9, 2008

As you look over the candidates you’ll find a plethora of double talk and lies. Voting one way and professing to Americans the opposite, but no one sticks out as being more delusional or deceptive then John McCain.

Today John McCain is telling us two things about Iraq that are totally and completely absurd. McCain says he’s met with a former “Top Al-qaeda operative” that told him the “reasons” for our never ending war, is he not blessed? Soooo, the entire world is looking for Al-qaeda, Al-qaeda leaders and can’t seem to find any except for the ones we call Al-qaeda and torture into saying whatever we like, however, evidently Senators can walk the streets of Baghdad a find a local “Top Al-qaeda X operative” with no problems at all! I guess maybe this former operative was removed from position because he was having conversations with the man that wants to spawn camp his countries ass into oblivion or maybe it was because he changed his mind when he saw how Halliburton treats women and felt sympathetic toward their cause?

Then John kicks it up a notch by flat out lying (again) about what is really happening in Iraq. John McCain with his smug smile tells America that the war in Iraq is going so well there now, that General Petraeus is having block party’s outside the green zone without an escort. I think most critical thinkers realize that “Al-qaeda” is the brain child of the C.I.A. and in fact Al-qaeda is slang for “the toilet”. How many of us haven’t dreamed of having a gang called “Los Bano”! Woot! Yep, that should scare the “shit” outta anyone – er .. hmmm. As the bullets fly over CNN reporter Mike Ware’s head and the bombs bursting all around him, he says everything just short of McCain being full of shit, I’ll say it for him. McCain is full of shit. Some of his peers say it scares them to even think about McCain as President. The Washington Post

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jeff 07.16.08 at 12:52 pm

John Mccain is so out of touch with reality! I would love to see him take a stroll through the streets without the protection he has been provided everytime he travels to Iraq.Please people before voting investigate this candidate fully as I have.Question his integrity an investigate his lies.Read in his own words how hard it was for him to handle his cooperation with the vietnamese in his own book.He even stated how ashamed he was when he found out the messages he was spreading in propaganda annoucements for the vietnamese were not only being broadcast in the prison camp where he was but elsewhere through vietnam.He was so ashamed he claimed to have tried to take his own life for the fact that his admiral father might find out.Was not the reason for Bill Clintons impeachment was for an extramarital affair,please check out John Mcclains affair with his present wife.If you say that President Clinton was impeached because he lied to congress then lets invite John Mccain to sit down in front of congress an answer questions such as what did you tell the vietnamese? What connection did you have with the Keating 5? Did your wife take drugs from her own foundation and transfer them from one country to another,so why is she not in jail? There is a law against that.They were vicodin and percocet which are schedule 2.Please investigate this person before you vote.If you do not believe then prove to me otherwise!

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