Soldiers Rape, Murder and Burn Family in Iraq

by Mr. Charrington on March 3, 2008

Tell me where these solders will go after the war on terror?

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Soldiers Rape, Murder and Burn Family in Iraq «
03.04.08 at 5:17 am

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mvmuslims 03.03.08 at 8:05 pm

this is disgraceful…

Bill Moore 03.03.08 at 10:01 pm

I am ashamed to be called an American.

Dave Ellis 03.03.08 at 11:58 pm

I am ashamed they are called Americans. They DO NOT represent me and should be tried and, when found guilty, hanged.

Johnny LaDoph 03.04.08 at 12:58 am

What a crazy SOB. He should be prosecuted in Iraq, not in America. That’s what he deserves. 03.04.08 at 1:07 am

i guess white people like chicken too. savages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony 03.04.08 at 1:14 am

A court martial? The piece of filth should be locked up in isolation forever. And the only reason I don’t think the relatives of the family should be allowed to one by one pump him full of bullets is because I don’t believe in the death penalty.

As Americans, what do we have left to be proud about?

CMR 03.04.08 at 4:27 am

Obviously the guy was fucked up in the head. I hope he gets help.

Mr. Charrington 03.04.08 at 5:04 am

What about the others with him? This whole war is corrupting the military and it all starts at the top.

superficialdiva 03.04.08 at 6:56 am

Maybe the war made him go crazy. We don’t know what they get through there.

D 03.04.08 at 1:45 pm

“I am ashamed they are called Americans. They DO NOT represent me and should be tried and, when found guilty, hanged.”

These are american soldiers. They are over there representing America. They sure as heck aren’t over there on my dime.

My question is, what americans do with this guy will really depict what americans are like.

Mr. Charrington 03.04.08 at 4:54 pm

It’s not just about one person there was a group with him that was involved in the same actions.

Maybe the war made them all go crazy? Maybe the war itself is crazy? Maybe this is what war does to people? Maybe we should stop the war before they come home and do the same things here in America?

Sasquatch1 03.05.08 at 2:51 pm

Very politely, I would like to say that I think this guy should be taken out when he gets out.

If the US thinks its going to “win the War on Terror” by failing to severely punish (with death penalty for murder) – which no doubt it will not do – then it will not win that war.

The US, as a superpower, thinks it will overcome anything and anybody and is answerable to no-one. Wrong. No-one forgets anything like that – and there are already a lot of them!

Every empire in history has fallen in the end – and every one believed it would last a lot longer than it did.

The US has made many enemies with its indifference to its public image and the actions of its soldiers in many parts of the world over the last sixty odd years.

I believe it is going to reap a worldwind. In the end, just as so many innocent non-Americans have died at American hands, so also a lot of innocent Americans will die.

charrington 03.05.08 at 3:11 pm

There really isn’t any terrorist threat or at least wasn’t till the U.S. became the terrorists. Now the U.S. will face more attacks and hate because of the false war they started with other countrys.
It’s sad that Americans have fallen for this bullshit and you are right. They will pay a price for all their killing of the innocent.

David 03.07.08 at 7:15 pm

This isn’t an isolate case far from it,it is only one report of many such cases.
American soldiers turned into common gangsters in the streets of Iraq.
After the open ground conflict Iraqi were happy that America came,but once in Baghdad American soldiers acted like animals ,they looted ,raped,murdered and tortured their way across the country.America these are your representatives whether you accept it or not this is why you will lose the war in Iraq.
Why the Iraqi fight to the last man against you.
you are not fighting terrorists in Iraq you are fighting Iraqi people who defend their land against America ,the preemptive attacker of defenseless third world countries using ww3 tactics and munitions.
The American army is the least disciplined army in the world,they acted like common criminals.

jessefierce 03.30.08 at 7:07 am

They should be handed over to the iraqis and let them mutilate their white asses , cut them burn them alive but best of all have them get ass fucked by evryone in that village. done.

O: 04.02.08 at 6:01 pm

I wonder how they got caught.

steve webb 05.03.08 at 11:33 am

“If the world is to have any meaning,it will be if humanity can survive…

ader 06.09.08 at 3:11 pm

save your country some money,and give him some lead.

So Many Troops going nuts 12.21.08 at 9:08 pm

In Colorado Springs like a dozen guys who were in Iraq have totally flipped out already. Murders, rapes, all on the streets of Colorado.

Mike 04.07.11 at 7:44 pm

Those of you who pay your taxes?…You have perpetuated these crimes against innocent people, so all the pontification doesn’t have any meaning. You do NOT need a degree to realize that this anti human bullshit is warping all of us. Vietnam, Guatemala, El Salvador….what its gonna take? Oh, never mind. Fuck the usa. Fuck “american values” Fuck you in your voluntary ignorance.

Nguyên Ai Luòc 04.14.11 at 3:02 pm

What the hell is wrong with you white sex addicted Americans . You hurt the Iraqis, I don’t care about your stupid so called “United States” , I suggest fuck the USA, fuck White Americans, and fuck your people.
All the people in Iraq have problems thanks to you American bastards. You put the crimes in my native country of Vietnam and Iraq. You put the people in Iraq and Vietnam stressed, you upset these people, you put your stupid agent orange on my people, and you caused Vietnam and Iraq problems.
I believe these White Americans should be killed and never exist on Earth!!!

Jann Cusatis 09.02.11 at 5:59 pm

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