Solider Throws Puppy Dog off Cliff

by Mr. Charrington on March 3, 2008

This has already been dugg so please don’t digg it again however after posting this video about 1 week or so ago at I was banned so I’m most certainly pissed and will now post it here. Sadly not all of my vids were NOT backed up.. for shame.

We stoop to new lows in the war on terrorism. What once was reserved for budding serial killers is now comic relief to U.S. Military….

Follow Up:
Maj. Chris Perrine of the Marine Corps Base Hawaii says it appears the man is based with a unit in the islands.

Marine officials are calling the YouTube video “shocking and deplorable” and say it violates “the high standard we expect of every Marine.”


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Mr. Charrington 03.04.08 at 2:19 am

I read someone else’s comment on this video at another location and I was dumbfounded by their explanation. I quote “You know you can’t be too careful because those dog’s over there are different then American dogs.”

*BLINK* *BLINK* *dumb stare*

Like how? They are Muslim dogs? Self exploding, “dog bombs”? They don’t like Christians?
I really can’t fathom how anyone could even TRY and justify senselessly killing a puppy. It’s the things serial killers are made of and this guys myspace says “He fears nothing”! Not even small helpless puppies you brave fucker? Just so you know how much America loves you for your brave deeds, I hope you eat a fucking bullet —

David Mortari
24419 Florence Acres Rd
Monroe, WA 98272-9662
Phone: (360) 794-7191

lani 03.06.08 at 11:38 am

that is so could some one just do that to an innocent puppy..and to top it off they’re American soldiers.

David 03.07.08 at 7:34 pm

You have to understand that these American soldiers are not educated people,they come from a country who’s schools pass you even if you fail the curriculum.
They are retarded to a certain degree an American of 20 years old in 1914 was a responsible person a man today a 20 years old America is equal to a 12 year old from 1914
still playing games like video games as their main pass time.they have no responsibility .
Americans have become the sickest society to ever grace the planet earth.
It is becoming very evident that this soldier won’t even receive a cruelty to animals citation.
Responsible people like Pat Tillman upon arriving in Iraq quickly revolted from what he saw happening. they shot him in the back of his head to shut him up.
The world now sees all of this, they are not censored like Americans are better informed than Americans even are.What is clear to the rest of the planet is that America can no longer be in a leadership position in the world. they have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be uneducated piles of shit.
I live in Canada the general view was very favorable of Americans prior to the war in Iraq. What Iraq has done Is turn most Canadians against America .The further away from America you go the worse the degree of hate for America there is.G W Bush undid what 200 years of shaping America into world leadership role did.The Neocons have killed off America ,what is left is a frightened of their shadows mass that has committed frightful acts of barbarianism against Humanity on par with the charges against Nazi Germany in the second world war.
I look south to America knowing many Americans are of sane mind and are actually likable people ,knowing that they will be the ones that suffer the most.
Wait until these soldiers come back from Iraq they are not only the disgrace of America around the world, When they return they will continue their raping ,murdering, looting and torture at home.America is finished it is now the land of the corrupt home of the depraved.

anjo smith 03.11.08 at 1:17 pm

Is this really what we want people to think of our troups?? That our soldiers are out just to destroy innocent lives? I am just dumbfounded. I wonder what this persons parents think about it? Are they proud of their son now??

Matt Vanos 04.15.08 at 2:55 pm

Doesn’t it bother anyone that besides the lunatic that actually throws the puppy, the other idiot has nothing more to say than “Oh… That’s mean”. Now if he was man enough, he could have protected that innocence, helpless puppy. To me, this poor excuse of defender of democracy (protecting the helpless) is as guilty as the moron in the video. I would have guessed that the American army would drop this idiots like a hot potato but haven’t read anything about it.

Marybeth 05.14.08 at 11:05 am

So why is this stupid soldier not doing his job? He is representing america and this is what he does for us! I don’t understand how he could be soo crule!! And… how could other people just stand there and watch? Ohh and then say “That was mean” well duh!! i cried the first time i saw this video! and… it doesnt matter if the guy was a little stupid, he should be prosicuted!

Lisa 06.12.08 at 10:47 pm

The bastard that threw the little puppy over the cliff, I would like to throw him over a cliff. Rotten bastard. Good for nothing.

Robert 06.12.08 at 10:50 pm

That is sooooooooooo mean. Why would anyone do such a thing.

Moose 06.12.08 at 10:59 pm

One question. Why?

Behar 06.12.08 at 11:07 pm

Is this what we want people to think of Americans. That our soldiers are out to destroy innocent and helpless little puppy? I am just so disappointed. I wonder if this persons parents are proud of their son for what he has done. I do not wish to know people like this.

Hughy 07.20.08 at 8:09 pm

your fucking stupid

cameron 08.04.08 at 8:49 pm

u dumb shit how wuld u like it if i threw ur bitch ass off a cliff

londygirl 02.03.09 at 12:21 am

wat the hell man you got probs i wanna kill you

Caleb1066 11.29.11 at 12:17 am

I remember when I threw this douche bags bitch and pathetic excuse of a cum-dumpster mom off a cliff after she got off my dick as she did with every other man in the neighborhood. I laughed my ass off. Ehh, that stupid cunt.

Rhonda 12.13.11 at 7:12 pm

In answer to any of you, especially David, who assume the military takes uneducated nitwits, you’re ignorant. My husband is HIGHLY educated and a Marine. I decent man with excellent morals, values. One crazed young man does NOT represent our young men in uniform. But… let’s discuss the Muslims who by instruction of their own Qur’an have no problem destroying dogs. Believe me, I work with a Muslim man who has Verified the practice. Their are taught that dogs carry disease and are unclean. If you don’t believe me, go get your hands on a Qur’an; I have and have read much in it. The naive idiots who think this is a peaceful religion need to wake up! This is the most violent and hate filled so-called “holy” book I’ve ever read.
Furthermore. There are soldiers who rescue these abused dogs in Iraq and Afghanistan and ship the dogs home at their own expense and much red tape. There is a rescue organization that relies on donations to ship these animals to the US. To ship each dog is a minimum of $3000. Many of these dogs have been tortured by the native people (Muslims) who have little regard for innocent animals the way we do here in America. So, instead of wasting your energy over one very disturbed soldier, why aren’t you getting bent out of shape over the backward thinking the dog hating people in the Middle East? While you’re at it, look up the word “taqiyya”.

Esther 02.20.12 at 7:57 pm

You pair of idiot sons of bitches, I never wish bad on people but I hope somerthing already happened to you. Pair of morons, I’d love to kick you in the nuts ans push you off a cliff. I hope karma works it’s magic and you get what you deserve twofold. I hope a dogs bark and wail haunts you every night and doesn’t let you sleep, ever–sick bastards, scum of the earth bottom-feeders. you make me want to puke!!! SLIME!!!

Esther 02.20.12 at 8:01 pm

If these two assholes are still alive they should be committed to a funny farm at best, since they probably won’t be executed.

Ian MacLeod 02.28.12 at 10:52 pm

The military had a problem with our soldiers not shooting at the enemy – even not shooting BACK when they were being fired upon. something like only one out of sixteen fired their weapons; they’d find rifles just left lying on the ground. This is not a good thing for an army. They did something different in training after Korea in Vietnam. I don’t know what the change was, but the incidence of PTSD skyrocketed, and so did the percentage of soldiers firing their guns. Some soldier never recovered from whatever it was. Anyway, the incidents like My Lai were frequent, as were incidents of murdering ordinary villagers on the roads or wherever. Soldier-on-soldier violence increased, drug used increased (but dropped off easily after returning home – there was a study with this on addiction), etc.

Obviously they’ve continued to refine that technique(s, whatever it/they are. They’re going to need soldiers capable of firing on fellow Americans after the country collapses, and it appears that such soldiers need to be near-sociopathic.


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